Feel like you don't fit in with your fam?

It's Sunday at dinnertime and everyone's dishing about the big plays that happened in the Caps game earlier. Everyone except you, that is. Feeling like an outcast in your own fam is tough because they're the people who should love and support you no matter how similar or different you all are. Here's how to cope with those left-out feelings and find your place:

Say something.
Don't keep your emotions insidethey'll simmer and build into something much worse. Instead, be honest with your parents. Let them know how you're feeling because chances are, they don't see it that way and will want to do whatever they can to help. 

Find what you have in common.
So your sibs all play soccer while you're not so sporty. But you all love watching The Voice and listening to new indie rock bands, right? Spend more time focusing on your shared interests and less dwelling on your differences. You may be more alike than you think.

Embrace your differences.
Sometimes it's the things that make you different that make you unique and special. Don't try to change to "fit in". Instead, accept your individual quirks, and those of your sibs and parents as well. Cheer on your little sis at her field hockey game (even if it isn't your thing) and then invite her to see that new sci-fi film you've been dying to watch. Who said being different has to be a bad thing? Enjoy sharing your special interests with your fam and in turn, learning about theirs. 

Remember they love you.
No matter how much it feels like you're an outsider, your family will always be there for you. They love you for you, differences and all. They don't want you to be anyone else, so be confident. If things still aren't looking up, consider talking to a therapist or a close friend who might be able to help you. 

Are you different from the rest of your family? Let us know what it's like in the comments! 


by Amanda Tarlton | 3/28/2018