Major fight with your sis? 7 ways to make up STAT


Fights with sisters happen all the time and can occur for a number of reasons whether it be because you borrowed her skirt without asking or because she didn't let you hang out with her and her friends. Either way, your sister is an important part of your life (and your fam) so if something occurs, you should try to fix it. Sure, you can just say you're sorry and move on but sometimes you want to do a little extra to clear the waters between the two of you. Try one of our ideas below.

1. Bake her cookies.
All food is known to be a peace offering. Cookies are great because you put effort in baking just like you are putting effort into your relationship with your sister. Whip up this awesome recipe for chocolate chip coookies or find a new recipe on Pinterest. There's really no *sweeter* way to apologize. 

2. Have a movie night. 
Put on you and your sister’s favorite movie and convince her to watch with you. This can be a great ice breaker if there are any awkward passive aggressive feelings between the two of you. You can just sit and watch without actually having to talk and if it's a comedy, laughing together will ease the tension.

3. Use your family pet. 
Pets are the unbiased glue that hold each family together. Ask her to take Fido for a walk or just snuggle on the couch. How can anyone stay mad looking at an adorable pup?!

4. Just relax. 
Create a DIY spa at home to pamper you and your sister. You can do face masks, manis/pedis and other fun beauty treatments. It's a win-win: You'll be treating yourself while also making amends.

5. Go shopping. 
They don't call it retail therapy for nothing. A trip to the mall can be cathartic in many ways. Don't forget to take a break for ice cream or a soft pretzel, too.

6. Build a fort.  
Remind your sister of your childhood with this fun activity. It will leave you two reminiscent about the past and hopeful about the future.

7. Write her a letter. 
If talking about your feelings isn't your strong suit, then write it down. Tell her what went wrong and what you are willing to do better. Your letter could be the beginning of the healing process and is a super nice gesture. 

How do you make up after a fight with your sis? Share your tips in the comments!


by Uchenna Nwodim | 5/20/2018