10 times your mom was right about *everything*

Moms, they are known for being right—always. But can you recall every single time she was? Maybe not. Let's face it, that number would be *huge.* Although, we can't count them all, we can count our favorites. Here are a few things your mom was totally right about.

"Before you leave, you should probably go to the bathroom."
Remember hearing this one? Truth is, even if you didn't listen, your mom was probably right. (Insert instant regrets here.)

"If you keep coloring your hair, you will ruin it."
Even with this warning, you insisted. "It will look great!"

"Are you sure you want to buy that? It probably won't work."
"But mom, it works on TV." Although, she was doubtful, you bought it anyway.  

After you received the shipment, she would say: "You should really save your money."
It was here you realized, your mom was right, the TV had lied. (But you refused to say it out loud.)

"It gets better."
When you look back on your tough, sticky situations, you realize your mom was right. It did get better.  

"Lying just gets you into more trouble."
At the time, lying felt like the only way out. But slowly, you learned, no matter what you do, or where you go, your mom will always know the truth. (Scary, right?) 

"It is not what you say. It is how you say it."
Even if this phrase is etched into your brain, you know your mom was right when she said this to you. 

"Choose your friends wisely."
Making good friends can be tough. But your mom always knew which ones were good for you and which ones were not.


"Where is your coat?"
You would then respond, "What do you mean? It is so nice out." But really, you were freezing.  

"You can do anything you set your mind to."
Her pep talks were always right too. (Insert a "Thanks Mom!")

In the comments below, tell us which phrase have you heard the most?


by Alyshia Hull | 5/13/2018