How to act on a friend crush

Have you ever met someone and immediately known that you want to be their friend? Because trust me—we've all been there. A friend crush is someone you would *love* to get to know better, but have yet to find a way to make it happen. The feeling of admiration you have for this person is almost comparable to that of a crush, just without the romantic infatuation. 

Whether your friend crush is an acquaintance or a mutual friend, wanting to initiate friendships with people you admire is a universal experience. Curious about how to initiate new friendships? If so, keep reading, because we've compiled a list of ways to help you effectively act on your friend crush.

Engage them in conversation

Sometimes, the easiest way to make a new friend is by striking up a conversation. Break the ice by complimenting their outfit or asking them about the class you have together. By taking the initaitve to engage with your friend crush, you are more likely to get to know them better, and, in turn, they're more likely to get to know you. People are often receptive to confident, bubbly individuals, and whether you slide into their Instagram DMs or approach them at school, they will appreciate your effort.

Tell them how you feel

There is nothing wrong with being bold! It may seem weird, but think about it—if someone approached you and said they wanted to get to know you better, you'd probably feel pretty flattered. It is human nature to want to be liked, and expressing your interest in pursuing a freindship with someone will feed that natural desire. 

Find common interests

Whether it's sports, politics, fashion or books, you're bound to have *something* in common with your friend crush. One of the best ways to converse with new friends is by discussing similar interests and hobbies. By figuring out topics that both you and your friend crush are interested in, you'll be sure to have engaging conversations that leave them wanting to hang out more.

Extend the invitation

Invite them to hang out, either virtually or IRL. Once you've engaged with your friend crush a few times, seal the deal by asking them to hang out! If you had a common interest that revolves around an activity, like painting or running, find a way to do that together. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there are also many ways to have fun via Facetime or Zoom—like digital games, synced movie nights and good old fashioned conversations.

Every friendship must start somewhere, so if you know someone you think you would vibe with, you might as well make the first move—because who knows, they could be your new BFF.

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by Claire Hutto | 2/1/2021