Happy Galentine's Day! 8 celeb BFFs we *totally* heart

Happy Galentine's Day!

In honor of this ~amazing~ holiday honoring the girl squads we srsly heart, here's a roundup of just a few of our fave celeb besties. Even though they're reaching star status, these fabulous friends keep each other grounded, happy and having *all* the fun.

Jayden Bartels and Jules LeBlanc


From growing up as tween YouTubers in the public eye to taking on the acting and singing game with their Nickelodeon show Side Hustle, these two stay side by side through it all and push each other to grow...and we love them for it. 

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Olivia Rodrigo and Sofia Wylie


Who needs to drive to your crush's house when you can drive to your bestie? "Sofia has the most magical hearts I've ever encountered and everyone is better because she exists," Olivia wrote in an Insta post last year to her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series costar. OMG, too sweet. 

Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio


Because not many bonds are closer than the ones you're born with. Charli and Dixie are going through ~everything~ together, from massive TikTok viral fame to their family's big move to Los Angeles (and upcoming reality show on Hulu!). Thankfully they have each other...and their dogs, ofc. 

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Anna Cathcart and Lilia Buckingham


Tbh, it srsly warms our heart to see these ~pure souls~ and long-distance besties staying close. These two are smart, strong and serious role models, and that's why we heart them (and they heart one another). Now we'll just count down the days until they can reunite post-pandemic...

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Hayley LeBlanc and the Chicken Girls squad


When Hayley LeBlanc took over as the lead in Season 7 of Chicken Girls, she got a whole-new cast—from Dance Moms's Elliana Walmsley to Run the World's Kheris Rogers to newbie Skyler Aboujaoude. We're *obsessed* with Hayley and her crew, not just because they totally remind us of the OG CG squad). 

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The OG Dance Moms cast 


Brooke Hyland, Chloé Lukasiak, Kendall Vertes, Kenzie Ziegler, Maddie Ziegler, Nia Sioux, Paigie Hyland...they've been through ~it all~ together (srsly) since starting out on Dance Moms back in elementary school. Even though the ALDC girls have gone their separate ways and found their own paths, they *always* make time to support their OGs—and we're so here for it.

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Dylan Conrique and Kenzie Ziegler


These two singers and influencers are trendy, hilarious and project *tons* of confidence—and that's why we love to see it as their BFFship blooms. When they're not making the ~best~ TikToks, they're FaceTiming constantly to keep each other grounded and on track...and we heart them for it.

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Avani Gregg and Madi Monroe


These two TikTokers know how to have a great time together—and also how to be there for each other. "You have really taught me how to express my authentic self rather than hide," Madi wrote to Avani in a 2020 Insta post. Being able to be genuine around your bestie? It's a good thing. But when your bestie makes you feel more confident anywhere you go? It's 100p the best.

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by Katherine Hammer | 2/13/2021