It's Best Friends Day! 15 reasons to love your ride-or-die bestie

Who else will pick up that 11 p.m. phone call on the first ring? Who?!

Smiles or tears, rain or shine, thick and thin—your bestie has been there with you through it all. Whether you've been BFFs since birth or just met last year (thank u, summer camp), there's no better time to celebrate your fab friend than National Best Friend Day! In honor of the special holiday, we're thinking of allll the reasons to heart your ride-or-die bestie.

1. For letting you borrow her new prairie dress for your senior portrait before she's even worn it once.

2. For keeping up with your convos on text, Insta, Snap and TikTok...all at the same time.

3. For fitting right in with your zany family—and even laughing at your mom's unfunny jokes.

4. For listening to you ramble on about your undying love for BTS, spaghetti carbonara and pugs. In that order.

5. For forever helping you figure out what to text your crush (is "hey" or "hi" less cringey? Only she knows).

6. For knowing that you're bound to forget the summer reading HW...and gently reminding you, just in case.

7. For being the only person in your OG quarantine pod, duh.

8. For thinking all your puns are actually funny.

9. For getting excited about all the pretend holidays as much as you do. National French Fry Day, anyone? (Ahem, it's July 13!!)

10. For being the first person you call when you get good news. Or bad news. Or, really, any news.

11. For turning on post notifications so she never misses your Stories.

12. For knowing when something's wrong—before you've even said anything.

13. For belting out allll the lyrics to Taylor Swift's entire catalog with you (yes, your bond is the real "Love Story").

14. For donating in your name to the animal shelter for your birthday every year.

15. For somehow making doing absolutely nothing always totally fun.

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by GL | 6/8/2021