5 perfect gifts for the friend who’s hard to shop for

It's your friend's birthday, and you have absolutely no idea what to get them. Sound familiar? Whether you don't know if your new bestie prefers gummy bears to M&M's yet or you want your present for your ride-or-die to be as meaningful as your special bond, we've been there, and we've got you covered. Here are five gifts that any friend is sure to love.

Candy gift box


Dylan's Candy Bar, $26

When in doubt, go all out—especially with candy! Depending on how much time you've got, you can let Candy Overboard curate the most aesthetically-pleasing candy board, choose a themed Tackle Box from Dylan's Candy Bar or create your own assortment of fruit leather and blue Sour Patch Kids at home. Every time the recipient reaches in to satisfy their sweet tooth, they'll think of you.

Aesthetic collage or moodboard

So you know they're the walking definition of Y2K fashion, but you're not sure where to begin with retro sunglasses or shoulder bags? They'll love a hot pink moodboard of lace-trimmed camis and Mean Girls screencaps curated especially for them. The same goes for your childhood buddy—your collage of pics from the good ol' pigtail and Dora the Explorer days is bound to get some nostalgic LOLs.

Hidden pocket scrunchie

Amazon, $8

Loose change, keys, lip balm... there are always too many little things to carry, but they seem to disappear once you throw them into a purse. These adorable scrunchies are the perfect solution. Simply unzip the hidden zipper, stash spare tissues and hand sanitizer, and secure hair for a cute look. Any gal who's always on the go is going to thank you for never losing their extra bills and jewelry again.


Amazon, $8

Amazon, $5

Everyone can relate to feeling emotionally attached to the hydroflask they've personalized with their club logos and memes from The Office. With back-to-school szn coming up, any pal will *so* appreciate being able to tell apart their pencil from everyone else's thanks to the cherry blossom flake near the eraser. 

Memory basket

Sometimes your closest friends are the ones who are the hardest to shop for since you know a store-bought thing could never live up to how much your friend means to you. One of our best ways to combat this dilemma is with a memory basket: a collection of items that represent your fave moments together. Your school colors are yellow? Decorate with sunny flowers for all of the school spirit days when you twinned in gold from head to toe. That Disney movie marathon you had last December? Include hot cocoa for a reminder of all the cups you drank while singing along to "Be Our Guest." Frozen was the first movie you watched in theaters with each other? Get a handheld fan that'll keep your BFF cool all summer. The possibilities are endless, and your bestie will *love* looking back on all your sweet memories together.

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by Elizabeth Huang | 8/20/2021