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7 signs you're an *amazing* babysitter

You’re pretty sure you’re an awesome babysitter, but how can you know for sure? Well, we’ve got seven signs that say you’re the top dog in your town. Talk about sittin’ pretty!

1. When you clap your hands and announce that it’s time for bed, the kids actually go

2. Your clients book you months in advance for a special date

3. When you mention the possibility of an increased hourly rate, parents crack open their wallets without batting an eyelash.

4. You routinely tidy up when the tots are taken care of—dishes are done, trash it out, pet is fed.

5. As soon as you walk through the door, they can hardly way to see what’s in your babysitting bag. Craft time!

6. The ‘rents are totally cool if you ask if a friend can help ya take care of the children one afternoon.

7. The kids make you cards for V-Day, Easter, Babysitter’s Appreciation Day. Wait, you mean that’s not a real holiday? Huh.

How do you know you’re pretty much the best sitter on your block? Tell us in the comments!


by Brittany Taylor | 8/31/2019