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Here's how to get your first-ever job


One of the fastest ways to get money (for investing) is to have a job.The good news is that a job is not only a great way to get money now, but also gives you valuable experience to make more money in the future—even if all you learn is that you don't want to clean horse trailers for a living (our apologies to those who like to clean horse trailers for a living).

There are thousands of jobs out there that you can choose from—but know that if it's your first job, it will probably be the lowest on the ladder. We're talking hamburger flipping, taco stuffing, bathroom cleaning, roof ripping, etc.

Which leads us to this: Don't confuse a job and a career.

Your first job will probably not be your career. There are exceptions—you could start as an intern at a gaming company and end up spending the rest of your life in the industry—but no one is going to hand you the keys to their business on the first day. You need to show that you can handle the most basic responsibilities and demonstrate follow-through to gain trust. 

So where to start?

• Decide what job you want. What are you interested in and what are you passionate about? You might as well spend time getting paid for something that you are naturally good at or want to learn more about.

• Ask around. Ask your family and friends about their first jobs. Their answers might inspire you to look for a job you never even thought of.

• Volunteer. Helping out at a charitable organization is a great way to learn new skills, try new positions, and learn what fits your interests.

TRY THIS: Divide a piece of paper in half. List your skills and strengths on one side. List your interests on another. Think about what kind of job might play to both your skills and interests. Are you outgoing? Retail or food service could be a great choice. Love animals? How about pet sitting or assisting a veterinary hospital?

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by GL | 11/25/2018