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Why Karlie Kloss is our role model (plus a peek at her brand new line!)


Well, Karlie Kloss has done it again--she’s proved, once more, that Kloss rhymes with boss for a reason. If we could ask her one question it would totally be, “How do you maintain all of your inspiration?!” And then, we would definitely have to ask about her best friendship with Taylor Swift. That’s a must.

Karlie has just come out with a new clothing and accessories line at Express. Her promotions prior to the release have included the hashtag "Kloss4Express” and of course, smiles beyond smiles. Well, we’re smiling, too, because we just fell deeper in love with our girl. 


In honor of her new line, here are the reasons why we *love* Karlie:

She's all about spreading positive vibes
While Karlie could have just created a handful of work and play attire, she decided to incorporate motivational quotes throughout her pieces. From a bomber jacket with “optimist” colorfully scrawled across the back to a "shoot for the moon" tee to keychains reminding us to“dream big,” Karlie sure did reach for the stars.

She owns her personal style
What do butterflies, cupcakes and avocados all have in common? They all made it into Karlie’s line. She has taken clothing accessories to a whole new level with these pieces. Not only does she blend patchwork and jewels but she couldn’t have picked a combo we love more. Food and love, that is! No jean jacket has ever looked so cool.

She represents all girls
Her lit runway show is a prime example--Karlie took to social media by use of #KARLIECONTEST and asked young girls to post a video to Instagram. The video had to explain how you’re living an awesome life and inspiring those around you. A handful of girls were cast and we adored every one of them. Her show was filled with awesome young girls of all shapes, sizes and race. Bravo, Karlie! You rock.

She started Kode with Klossy
Obviously this isn’t the first *incredible* thing Karlie has done for young girls. Her entire M.O. has basically changed to being the most intellectually inspiring celeb out there. She’s helping break barriers in the tech industry by teaching young girls how to code. Her scholarship and camp is getting girls excited about their potential future in the tech world. #Winning.

Kloss + Swift = BFF goals
If there is one best friendship we know is going to last, it’s this one. These two not only look like sisters but act like them. The blonde bombshells always have each other’s backs whether it be standing as one during a breakup, acting as squad goals on stage or loving each other during their successes. This duo is all about women supporting women and we love that.

She was bullied but continued to slay
Nothing makes a celebrity more relatable to us like acknowledging they, too, were once young and awkward. Karlie was bullied for being a “weird, tall alien” and clearly showed her haters that she wouldn’t be put down. Her work to empower girls going through the same things makes us want to hug her. While she may have not always emitted self-confidence, she sure is the poster celeb for it now. 

She cares about things that matter
While we’re already obsessed with her new Express clothes, that’s not all Karlie has put her name behind. As a spokeswoman for Adidas, her love for health and fitness is seriously only more motivating for her following. And she runs Karlie's Kookies, a line of sweet treats whose proceeds benefit FEED and go towards solving world hunger.

What do you love most about Karlie? Share in the comments below!

Photo credit: Instagram.


by Gabby Regalbuto | 4/1/2017