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How to deal when you don't get the internship

*Sigh*, you applied and interviewed for your dream internship, but you just received the "I regret to inform you" email. Now, you're sitting here asking yourself: why? You worked hard, your interview went great and you knew everything about the company. We get that you're frustrated, upset and possibly hurt over the committee's choice. Trust us, we have been there asking ourselves the same question. But with time, we found ways to feel better. Here's how: 

1. Be proud of yourself
First thing's first, congratulate yourself. Although, you did not get the internship, you tried and yes that does count for something! While, we won’t tell you how to feel, as we know how hard this can be, we hope at some point you will be proud of your job well done.

2. Take some time for yourself
At this point, you might feel burnt out. Feel free to admit this and, more importantly, feel free to take a break. Take a walk. Watch some Netflix. Cook your favorite recipe. Do what you like to do because you deserve to do it. We all need breaks, so take one before getting back up. 

3. Say thanks
Take a moment and thank those who considered your application. Understand, when they were reviewing your resume, they were giving you their time, energy and consideration. Even though, this opportunity isn’t for you—they are still rooting for you and your success. (Be kind and be professional). 

4. Try again
This might feel like the end but trust us—it's not. Instead, this is a new beginning for you. (Insert cliché.) While, you did not get this one, you might just get the next one. In fact, when you are ready to try again, you won’t be starting from the bottom. You will be starting again with new lessons learned. With this in mind and of course, when you are ready, try for something different.  

Tell us in the comments below, how do you get back up after a missed opportunity?


by Alyshia Hull | 3/27/2018