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5 GL-approved ways to snag the best summer job

Are you looking for ways to make money *and* have a memorable summer? Don't worry–we've been there. Finding a summer job can be difficult at times, but GL is here to help.

The job search might feel overwhleming, but this summer is the perfect season to spend time making new friends, gaining new skills and making money! Forming connections is the key to snagging the perfect job whether you're looking for a summer gig in your teens or a full-time job later in life. 

Here are 5 GL-approved ways to snag the best summer job!

1. Consider places you spent the most time at when you were younger

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Did you ever spend your summers at a day camp, go to an outdoor restaurant every Sunday or swim at a local club? Think about the places you *loved* to go to when you were younger and where you spent most of your time. Most of these places hire teens, so it's the perfect opportunity to make even more memorable moments (and some money). 

2. Join online neighborhood groups 

Social media is a great place to seek out summer jobs. Look through Facebook groups or the Nextdoor app for local opportunities. You might find something more professional (like an internship) or a quick way to make some cash (like dog-walking or babysitting). 

3. Find out where your friends work (and get recommendations!)


It's likely that atleast one of your friends has a job lined up for the summer. Ask them for a recommendation to send to their supervisor if you're interested in a position. If they're lifeguarding at the local pool or by the beach, reach out to see if they're hiring. From personal experience, working outside *and* working with your BFFs during the summer might be the greatest thing ever.

4. Think about your passions and interests

One of the best things you can do when brainstorming is to consider what you're passionate about. If you *love* coffee, reach out to your local coffee shop to see if they're hiring. If you're into the latest trends and love to style people, places or things, you might want to look into a retail job at your favorite store. (If you get the job, you might even get a discount!)

5. Reach out to the people you know 

If you're having trouble finding a job on your own, there's no shame in connecting with adults you already know. Reach out to an aunt, a cousin or a family friend who has a job in an industry that you're interested in. There's a chance that they might have a neighbor hiring a nanny for the summer or a part-time office assistant! You can also ask about what summer jobs they had in your hometown when they were younger. 


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by Allie Lijewski | 5/13/2021