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8 super cute poses to inspire your next Insta photo session

Raise your hand if you're guilty of using the same poses every time you update your IG.

Totally understandable. If you know what works (and trust us girl, it *totally* works) why change it? But if you want to change things up and keep your feed from feeling stale, try spicing it up with these killer poses!

Hair flip

Pinterest: Vestique

Shake your head a couple times and let the shutter click to get this *extra* flirty shot.

POV: You just got a new purse

Pinterest: Wheretoget

That feeling when the bag you just ordered (and tracked online for weeks) *finally* comes and now you can't put it down...

Sun Day

​​​​​​​Pinterest: hereandnowcreative

You have plenty of golden hour pics already, so now try harnessing the sun during a different part of the day for a shot like this one!

Kiss kiss

​​​​​​​Pinterest: alppresents

Pucker up for this *adorable* shot. Valentine's Day has passed, but we're still feeling the love!

Nature gal

Pinterest: fashionnova

To to recreate this outdoorsy shot, match your fit to the scenery and grab a leaf off the ground. Easy peasy!


​​​​​​​Pinterest: shoplunab

Yawn! That 7:00 a.m. class is such a drag. Channel that energy during this morning-themed shoot to get an *extra* relatable pic.

Self-care day

​​​​​​​Pinterest: sistacafe

Props are always helpful in taking your photos to the next level. This pic is easy to recreate—just grab your coolest-looking books off the shelf and say cheese!

I <3 my dog

​​​​​​​Pinterest: nastygal

After Fido helps you out with a fab photoshoot, treat him to an extra-long walk for being a good boy!

Did you try any of these poses? Tag us @girlslifemag (bc we wanna see!)

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by Elina Graham | 5/2/2021