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8 must-have items to bring on your next road trip

Nothing beats a *classic* summer road trip. Whether you're traveling with family, friends or going solo, everyone should experience a road trip at least once. GL girls should always be prepared—here are our packing suggestions that we *guarantee* can save you from a sticky situation. 

Travel cooler bag

Packed Party, $44

Because lukewarm lemonades are a thumbs down. This *super* cute confetti filled portable cooler will be your #1 companion on the road. 

Swiss Army knife

Victorinox, $17

When you're traveling, you should always expect the unexpected. This small handy tool will be there for any situation that arises should you need it. 

Extra hand sanitizer

Merci Handy, $35

Especially in a pandemic, it never hurts to have extra hand sanitizer in the car. Bonus, buying *this* pack will give a donation to It Gets Better Project to support and empower LGBTQ+ youth. Yeah! 

Sleep mask

Old Navy, $5

For when the hours feel longer and the sun gets hotter, this sleep mask is perfect for helping you catch some z's on the go. 

Combo speaker/waterbottle

Uncommon Goods, $35

*Everyone* will be jealous of this fab water bottle that has a speaker built in! Connect your phone via Bluetooth and then let the bottle take it over from there. (Time to hit repeat on Drivers License!)

Hair clips

The Hair Edit, $9

Long hair + open windows=yikes. Use these chic clips to keep control over your mane!

Portable charger

Hang Accessories, $25

If you plan to pass the time on the road by texting your BF or listening to your fave podcast, you should definitely keep a portable charger on hand.

First aid kit

Target, $16

Don't bank on everything going perfectly, because then you'll be caught off guard when it doesn't. Most likely you'll just experience things like bruises and mosquito bites, but just in case, have a first aid kit on hand.

And most of all, bring your favorite playlist, a new book and a smile. Have fun!

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by Elina Graham | 5/18/2021