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Your *ultimate* end-of-summer bucket list


Summer is winding down and you *need* to make sure you've done it all. Whether you'd prefer a relaxing night in or an adventurous afternoon out, we've got your must-do activities lined up. 

Beach (or lake) day

Summer wouldn't be summer without trips to the water. Whether you're right on the bay or land-locked with lakes and rivers, find the nearest body of water and organize a chill day in the sun. Grab some friends, your fave beach towel and fresh fruit. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Projector movie night

Image from @theresahuynh11

You've seen these all over TikTok and Pinterest—the most aesthetic summer evening activity. Grab a white bed sheet and a projector (hint: you can find affordable versions on Amazon or at Walmart) and your softest blanket. Bonus points for fairy lights to enhance the night's vibes. No projector? No problem. You can easily create this same setup indoors on the TV. 

Homemade popsicles

Image from @jessica_gavin

When the days get a little *too* hot, cool down inside with some homemade popsicles. They're not only super easy to make, but super fun, too. You can follow recipes like this one—and you probably already have all the ingredients! A special GL tip: if you don't have a popsicle mold, use an ice tray for the cutest mini-popsicles. 

Sunrise hike

Image from @studentuniverse

This is for all the morning people out there. We totally feel you—summer sunrises are too precious to miss out on. Set out your cutest (and most functional) hiking shoes, grab the bestie who's willing to wake up with you and set your alarm for a *scarily* early time. Don't worry, the colors of the sky will more than make up for the pre-dawn wake up.

Golden hour photo shoot

Image from @lenahaertlfotografie

Not a morning person? Don't worry, we have you covered. Swap out the hiking fit for a cute sundress and gather the gals for a golden hour photo shoot! We def recommend finding a wheat field or grassy hillside for ultimate golden hour vibes.

S'mores and scary stories

Some of our fave summer memories involve roasting marshmallows around the campfire while taking turns telling our scariest stories. As the fire pops and crackles, imaginations can run wild. Even though the only *real* danger is charring your 'mallow, it's fun to see who can tell the best tale. And another GL tip: you don't even need a campfire for this! Roast the marshmallows on your oven flame and then turn off all the lights in your living room. Light a few candles in the middle of the circle and see who chickens out first.

Charcuterie board picnic

Image from @charcuteriecheeseboard

Nothing screams summer like fancy cheese, crackers and the company of friends. Add that all into the form of a picnic and *voila.* Put down your ingredients on the next groccery list and stake out a spot in your backyard with the best summer feel (and a stable surface for your board).


Image from @arconservancy

A clear night sky is one of the *best* things about summer. It's beautiful and warm, and for some reason the stars seem to shine brighter. You just can't end your summer without spending an hour stargazing. Make sure you invite your friends and fam so you can teach each other the constellations you know. Check out websites like this so you're totally prepped on what to look for. 

Spa day

Summer is alllll about relaxation. And what's more relaxing than a DIY spa day with the girls? Paint nails, lather on face masks and pick out the comfiest robes. Really go all out here! Treat yourself before the school grind picks back up again.

Powerpoint party

We know you've probably seen this on TikTok, but we have to recommend it, too. If you haven't already tried the hilarious trend, you can't end the summer without it. Gather the girls and pick the funniest topic you can think of, then present to the group. Our fave topics include: the friend group as Taylor Swift phases, which decade the friends belong to, and each of the girls as random pics on your camera roll. 

How many can you fit in before summer's over? Let us know on insta @girlslifemag!


by Addie Slanger | 7/18/2021