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Behold this fall's *ultimate* boredom buster

Our mood this season? Making IRL magic with the besties we heart. Whether we're crafting dazzling DIYs, finding fantastic fall hangout spots or just making each other laugh, amazing friendships are the key to autumn awesomeness. 

That's why we invited the ~*ultimate*~ Girls' Life BFF crew (Gabrielle, Kameron, Katie, Kenz, Kayden and Giada) to sound off on these new sets from LEGO Friends. These boxes are packed with cool, creative and colorful projects that are so fun to share (or tackle when you're solo!).

Read on to find the bestie that matches your vibe then shop her LEGO Friends fabulousness.

Gabrielle @gabriellenevaeh

Vibrant vibes: "Confidence is everything. With my can-do mentality, I hope to inspire other girls to be the strongest, happiest versions of themselves." 
LEGO Friends favorite: "The LEGO Friends Magical Ferris Wheel and Slide (buy yours here!) is a DIY dream. Pro tip: When your characters ride the magic slide, you can make them seemingly disappear! Try it and wow your friends." 
Here to heart it: "I love getting to know the LEGO Friends characters—like Stephanie and Mia in my set. Seeing all their fun adventures makes me want to explore the world with my BFFs." 
Extra credit: "Find a super cute space to create your LEGO Friends masterpiece. When you're done building, you're def going to want to admire it. Plus, the bright colors are so energizing on busy days." 

Kameron, Katie and Kenz @couchsisters

Vibrant vibes: "We're enthusiastic, dedicated and loyal. As sisters, we know the value of sticking by your girls through all the ups and downs of life." 
LEGO Friends favorite: "The LEGO Friends Magical Funfair Roller Coaster (buy yours here!) has really fun make-your-own magic tricks plus a feature-packed roller coaster. It's made for spectacular storytelling with your squad." 
Here to heart it: "You are going to experience serious carnival happiness when you play. Whether you're designing a DIY disappearing act or spinning on the pendulum ride, you're guaranteed a good time." 
Extra credit: "LEGO Friends is a perfect thing to do when you need to chill out after a long day—we're sisters, friends *and* dancers together so we love to do anything fun and relaxing. This set is it!" 

Kayden @kaydengraceswan

Vibrant vibes: "Outgoing, bubbly and adventurous—that's my mood. I'm thankful for friends who encourage me to be the most authentic version of myself." 
LEGO Friends favorite: "My LEGO Friends Magical Caravan (buy it here!) is *so* imaginative and inspiring. I love how it has so many parts to put together—that way I can really savor it and work on it little by little when I get home from school each day." 
Here to heart it: "You're going to be instantly obsessed with the horse, owl and crystal ball, I promise. Each detail is so true-to-life and makes you feel like you're creating your own miniature world." 
Extra credit: "LEGO Friends is all about happy energy and strong friendships—so invite a new friend over to build with you. It's super easy to strike up a conversation when you're working on a shared project." 

Giada @giadaleighofficial

Vibrant vibes: "I'm friendly, funny and optimistic. I look for deep, enduring friendships where you can hang out after not seeing each other and it's like no time has passed at all." 
LEGO Friends favorite: "The LEGO Friends Magical Funfair Stalls (buy yours here!) could only be defined as all the fall fun you could ever one box. I love the intricate details and bright, bold colors—plus, the levitating magic trick is endlessly entertaining." 
Here to heart it: "LEGO Friends has so much diversity and representation. Everyone, no matter what they look like or their size, will feel included." 
Extra credit: "The realistic ticket window and glow-in-the-dark setups are so adorable. You're really going to feel like you're at the state fair when you play—which is actually my favorite autumn activity tradition." 

Make magic this school year when you check out LEGO Friends right HERE!


by GL | 9/17/2021