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One way to glow up your gratitude every day this December

Sure, November is all about giving thanks, but there's no reason why we can't be grateful all year round. We've got the perfect calendar for showing your gratitude all December long.

12/1: Journal regularly

Kick off your month of gratitude by starting to journal! Don't know where to start? Make it a habit to write down one thing you're grateful for at the end of each day. This could be big (e.g. your friends throwing you a surprise party) or small (e.g. the clouds after a rainy day).


12/2: Write a thank you note to someone

There's something *so* personal about handwriting a thank you note to someone rather than just shooting them a text message or a quick "thanks" in passing. Whether it's for a friend, parent or local post office worker, consider writing someone a brief yet heartful letter to let them know that you appreciate them.

12/3: Document special memories

At your next hang-out with your besties or movie night with your family, whip out your Polaroid or phone's camera to capture those precious moments forever. When you need a pick-me-up after a bad day or simply a reminder of the people or things you love, look back on those photos.

12/4: Spend some alone time in nature

Give Mother Earth the love and appreciation she deserves by spending some *me-time* at your local park or trail. Without the distraction of devices, take a moment to appreciate the beauty and serenity of nature—the wind on your face, the grass under your feet and the sky above you.


12/5: Meditate

Meditation is a super effective way to practice mindfulness and gratitude in your life—even if it's only for five minutes every day. We recommend apps such as Headspace, Luminosity and Insight Timer, which all have guided meditations and customizable ambience for your wellness needs.

12/6: Go on a "you" date

Sometimes, we just need to take some “me-time” to celebrate all that we do for ourselves and others. Whether it’s a stroll by the water or window-shopping at the mall, who said dates have to be a party of two?

12/7: Give someone a compliment

Who doesn't like receiving a genuine compliment? Compliment the new girl on her outfit while you pass by each other in the hallways—it'll not only make her day, but fill *you* with positive energy and gratitude!

12/8: Leave an encouraging note in someone’s locker
Nothing brightens people’s days like a surprise note in their locker! Write something kind and inspiring on a sticky note, slide it into a locker, and go about your day knowing that you just made someone else’s.

12/9: Send a text to an old friend

Like the old saying, “make new friends but keep the old,” it’s important to keep up with our day ones. Strengthen your years-old bond by shooting them a quick text to let them know you’re still thinking of them.

12/10: Get your homework done + help others with theirs
Maybe you’re a chemistry whiz, or a boss at Spanish vocab. When you do your homework today, reach out to others who might need help finishing the assignment. Not only will this help them learn, but it’ll show that you appreciate your own education!

12/11: Have a screen-free day

Is your six-hour average screen time begging you for a break? Dedicate a whole day to uninterrupted quality time with yourself and your loved ones without the distractions of technology! Your eyes—and the break from social media—will thank you.

12/12: Cook yourself + your fam a meal

Ahh, food. What brings people together more than a plate of delicious comfort? Whip up a scrumptious meal for you and fam with some seasonal goods to thank your produce, local grocery stores and ofc, your loved ones. 

12/13: Get your friend a small gift

There's nothing more meaningful than gifting your bestie something that reminded you of them. Your bestie will be *so* touched by your thoughtfulness and appreciation!

12/14: Spend the day purposefully saying thank you
Ofc, you say thanks to your bus driver everyday, but take a day to give a genuine thank you to them. They’ll be so touched by your kind words, and you’ll show your appreciation to them. 

12/15: Make a new playlist
Music, music, music. There is so much great stuff out there, and an awesome way to appreciate amazing art and artists is to listen and stream them. Plus, you get to create a soundtrack to romanticize your life with. I mean, win-win situation.

12/16: Watch your comfort holiday movie

Holiday szn is all about the cozy vibes, and *nothing* screams cozy more than snuggling up to your comfort holiday movie. Whether it’s Home Alone or It’s a Wonderful Life or maybe even Harry Potter, it’s guaranteed a night of laughs and warmth.

12/17: Donate old winter clothes 

One way to show gratitude is to give your closet a much-needed winter makeover. A part of this process that can *also* benefit others? Donating old clothes to local shelters or people in need.

12/18: Make a gratitude box

For this super adorable gratitude craft all you'll need is an old box and a few items that bring you joy. Not sure what to do with that birthday card your sister made for you or the ticket stub from your fave show? Place the items into the box and whenever you need a pick-me-up, open it for instant joy and gratitude for your fave things.

12/19: Treat yourself to a self-care night

Grab your scented candles, bath salts and face masks because a self-care night is on the agenda. This is a night to put your mind at ease and treat yourself to some *much* needed relaxation and luxury. You deserve it, bb.

12/20: Get your fave hot drink 

Brr, it's getting cold out. What better way to show gratitude than to treat yourself and your friends to your fave hot drink? The next time you are feeling a little extra generous, swing by Starbucks before class and pick up a couple of peppermint hot chocolates for your besties. They'll love being surprised with a sweet treat.

12/21: Show gratitude the next time you grab a bite to eat

Kindness and gratitude go hand-in-hand. Pay for the person behind you—this will be sure to make your day and someone else's. Also, show some extra kindness by leaving a few extra bucks for your waiter. Trust us, you'll be sure to make someone's day.

12/22: Make a gratitude collage

Picture what you're the most grateful for (think: the things that get you out of bed each morning). Whether it be your morning matcha, your pup or your soccer team buds, tack some pics of them onto a board and hang it up in your room so it's a constant reminder of how lucky you are.

12/23: Be sure to tell your family that you love them 

Whether it’s the fam you’re born with or the one you’ve chosen, spending quality time with them is a great way to show your love. It’s easy to forget to thank the people who raised you, but they’re the most important! Whether it’s your parents, your grandparents, or another special person in your life, tell them genuinely how much you appreciate and love them. 

12/24: Donate gifts to local homeless shelters for children

There's *nothing* more rewarding than giving back. It's time to say goodbye to those dusty stuffed animals and hello to make the holidays a million times brighter for children in need.

12/25: Decorate your room to show what you love

This is your sign to buy those adorable succulents you've been eying lately and click order on that super cute tapestry. Give your room a gratitude glow-up by covering it in what you love the most. Some inspo: a jar of those shells you collect every summer, a photo collage of your fam, a poster of your fave artist—the list goes on and on.

12/26: Plan a winter adventure with your friends
Sometimes, the best sort of gratefulness is being grateful for your ride-or-dies. Show them some love by scheduling a fun winter outing with them! Sledding or shopping? The possibilities are endless. 

12/27: Care for your plants or pets
Take your four-legged friend out on a walk, or give them a good brushing! They probably comfort you when you’re feeling down, and they deserve a thanks too. If you don’t have a furry friend, water your plants, they def will appreciate it.

12/28: Volunteer

Volunteering can have *so* many benefits. Whether it's making dog toys for an animal shelter or organizing a food drive, go the extra mile to help others and you'll be sure to feel great from it too.

12/29: Deep-clean your room

Clear space, clear mind. Tidying up the space you surround yourself with can lift a burden off your shoulders and get you ready to take on the new year.

12/30: Plan a thank-you card drive for healthcare workers

Healthcare workers have been working so hard recently, so wrap up your month of gratitude by writing thank-you cards for nurses and doctors near you. They'll love the gesture, and you can even turn it into an event with your friends. Grab some colored paper and stickers, play some cheesy movies, and get writing!

12/31: Reflect on the precious moments of 2021

We think everyone can agree that this has been a crazy year to say the least. Through all the highs and lows, the happy and sad, taking time to reflect and ponder on what made the year special will help you start off 2022 with an attitude of gratitude. 

How do you plan to show gratitude this December? Let us know on social media @girlslifemag!

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by Jinny Kim, Eva Mandelbaum, Serena Sherwood, and Sophia Zhang | 12/30/2021