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So you've heard of Big 3 astrology—but what about your Big 6?

By now, you may or may not be acquainted with Big 3 astrology, which centers around your sun, moon and rising signs. These are the three signs that have the biggest impact on personality and understanding of self, and they help you dig a little deeper when you want to be introspective. But to understand your individuality even better, Big 6 astrology is here to save the day. That's right—Mercury, Venus and Mars have a profound impact on your everyday life, from how you express yourself to how you interact with others. Scroll for everything you need to know about your Big 6, including how to tap into celestial energy from those planets. Not sure what your signs are? Use Co-Star to figure out your natal chart for *free.*

1. Sun

Your sun sign is probably the sign you're already familiar with. The sun is "the core of who you are," meaning that it dictates a pretty big part of your personality, including how you see both yourself and others. Your sun sign will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about yourself, from how you get along with others to where you feel like your most authentic self.

How to tune in: Spend a minute or two standing in direct sunlight. You'll feel the good vibes immediately. 

2. Moon

The moon is all about emotion. It rules your innermost thoughts and feelings, and it's responsible for how you communicate those feelings to others. Whether you're cool, calm and collected or teetering on the verge of tears (or, most likely, somewhere in between), the moon is influencing all of those deep-down feelings, even when they're hiding below the surface. Allowing those emotions the space to come and go is *exactly* the energy we're channeling in 2022. 

How to tune in: Make a playlist of your moodiest music. Listen to as necessary.

3. Ascendant/Rising

Your ascendant or rising sign is how you portray yourself to others. Although this particular sign indicates how you come across rather than who you are at your core, there's still a lot to learn here. Your rising sign isn't necessarily who you are on the inside, but rather how you act. But don't worry about the dissonance—your ascendant sign is a powerful reflection of how you perceive and react to your environment.

How to tune in: Jot down a few words that your friends would use to describe you. How do these words line up with how you would describe yourself?

4. Mercury

According to Co-Star, "Mercury determines how you communicate, talk, think and process information. It also indicates how you learn." As the planet that rules your mind, Mercury plays a major role in how you observe the world around you. Mercury is all about brain power, especially when it comes to critical thinking and decision-making. 

How to tune in: Next time you're faced with a not-so-easy choice, try a pros and cons list. Mercury will help you see the way. 

5. Venus

You might know Venus as the planet of love, but did you also know that Venus also indicates how you express affection? Of course, understanding what sign falls under your Venus is a great way to approach all types of relationships, including romantic ones. However, there's a whole lot more to this celestial body than you might realize.  Use your Venus sign to learn more about your love languages in both romantic *and* platonic relationships. 

How to tune in: Make a mental list of the relationships that mean the most to you. Then, think about what they all have in common.

6. Mars

Mars, "the planet of aggression," determines how you assert yourself and push forward with new projects and goals. By understanding which planet falls under your Mars, you'll have a newfound sense of clarity and confidence. Mars is also the planet that rules boundary-setting and speaking from the heart. If you're struggling with showing your assertive side, don't worry—Mars has your back.

How to tune in: Spend a few minutes with this positive affirmation: "I am important, I am loved and I know who I am."

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by Lena Genovese | 1/25/2022