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The importance of Giving Tuesday—and how you can make an impact

The holidays are all about spreading cheer and giving back to the community. And what better way to do this than to participate in Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to radical acts of generosity? This global holiday takes place on Nov. 29 (a few days after Thanksgiving) and has been all about spreading kindness since it was first established in 2012. Wondering how you can take part in this important movement? Look no further! From smiling at a stranger to showing up for what you care about, we've compiled a list of ways you can make an impact.

Go to a local park cleanup...or start your own 

Do some research on park websites around your county. And if you can't seem to find anything in your area, who said you can't start your own park cleanup? Giving Tuesday is the perf opportunity to go to a local outdoor space to clean up some trash. Bring your Bluetooth speaker, a container of hot apple cider and enjoy the day with friends and fam. Your local community will become a little brighter thanks to you! 

Leave anonymous kind notes

A single kind note can make a world's difference for someone. Write words of encouragement on small slips of paper. Stick them around your school, in people's lockers, in library books or anywhere else you can think of! And rest assured that you'll feel amazing knowing that you just secretly made someone's day.

Give something away if you can

That old sweater that's two sizes too small? Time to give it to someone who could need it this winter. A blood drive happening in your area? If you're old enough and medically able to, consider going! Our motto this holiday szn? If you are able to, give as much as you can.

Help out a family member

From helping your mom carry the groceries inside to tutoring your little sibs on their math HW, there are *tons* of kindness opportunities within your very own family. Trust us, they'll appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. And the feeling of knowing you're helping the people who care about you? Unmatched.

Smile at a stranger 

The littlest (yet sometimes the most powerful) way to show kindness this Giving Tuesday is to simply smile at a stranger. That person in your building's elevator? Your bus driver? A lady in line at the grocery store? You never know what someone else is going through. And you never know how much something as small as a smile can mean. So you might as well spread some kindness and holiday cheer whenever you can by sporting a grin.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 11/29/2022