Are we there yet? Bring on summer!

With only days away until that final bell for summer, the thought of trudging through another geometry problem is more than a girl can bear. If you’re finding yourself suffering from summeritis, keep reading to get some tips to beat books before break.
Make a special countdown calendar
You might think that counting down the days would distract you or even frustrate you as you wait, but that’s totally a lie! A count calendar is constant reminder that you’re almost there. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like marking out a gigantic X after a hard day of work?
Talk about your plans
When you meet up with your girlies, don’t talk about what exam you’ve got and that project that’s due tomorrow. Talk about your summer plans and all the things that you’re planning to do. This way, you won’t be waiting for the summer on your own, but with your friends, and that’s never a bad thing!
See the glass as half full
Sure, your teacher might now be the most exciting guy on earth or your homework isn’t gonna change the world, but don’t think about the negatives. Hypothetically speaking, anything could be worse. So why not keep the positives in and leave the negatives out? That’s one way that will def help you to kick the summer slump to the curb.
Commit to the present
Okay, with this last tip you’re probably thinking: “What? Wait, you told us to look forward to the future!” And yes, that still holds true. However, that doesn’t mean you should be living in the future, neglecting what’s important now. If you commit to everything that’s happening in the present, you’ll find yourself feeling accomplished and ready to take on a new one in no time.


by Jean Lee | 2/1/2016