How to fall in love with your least favorite class

No matter how awesome your electives are or how kooky your Shakespeare teacher is, we know there’s at least one black hole of boredom plopped right in the middle of your school schedule. Thought you were doomed to propping your eyelids open ‘til you’re saved by the bell? Think again!

Step 1: Figure out what bugs ya the most

And no, “I just don’t like it” doesn’t make the cut. Ask yourself why ya find it boring/tedious/downright awful. Is it that your teacher is super strict? Is the subject material irrelevant? Are you not doing well? Once you understand exactly why it stinks, in your not-so-humble opinion, you can find a way to make it bearable.

Got your problem pegged? Here are our tried-‘n’-true ways to send this snooze sesh to the top of your can’t-miss list (OK, or just make it a period you don’t dread).

Play nice with teacher

Have you ever notice how much faster history class flies when you’ve got fun Mr. Franklin instead of Mr. Seltzer, the snooze? Whether your teach is a green meanie or monotone monster, figure out what they like best and then play by their rules. If that means raising your hand a million times, go for it. And if ya find out they’re big on totally esoteric facts, well, ask away. When your teacher is having fun (and likes you), you’ll be having more fun, too.


Make a buddy

Even the worst gym class is bearable when you’ve got a babe to moan and groan with. Hook up with a hunnie you can hang with for the semester, and be genuinely nice. Trust us, even that loner you don’t think you could be besties with in a zillion years has something interesting to add to your social circle. And remember: Don’t forget her as soon as the bell rings. Say “hey” in the halls, text it up after school and make plans to chill after class.


Pretty up your supplies

Just like cool workout clothes, school supplies you can’t wait to crack open can add a li’l excitement to a dull day. Pull out your craft box and get creative with magic markers, stickers and all sorts of odds and ends. Pen toppers (like feathers, flowers and mustaches), a photo-packed binder, a brown paper textbook cover for doodling and a cute pencil case are all fun ways to keep class zippin’ along.


Get interested

Yeah, we know just how boring memorizing geometry formulas is. But trust us, even if it feels like you’re learning all this stuff for nothing, it does have a purpose—and that purpose is probably pretty interesting, once you figure out what it is. Ask your teacher what the point of all of it is—think real-world application—and if you’re genuine in your request, we bet you’ll get some cool answers. Dive in to projects, suggest extra credit opps that take advantage of your own hobbies and talents, and when you find something that lights up your brain, dig in!

What’s your secret to surviving a seriously snooze-worthy class?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016