Thinking about homeschooling next year? 5 dos and don'ts to keep in mind

If you’ve had a bad day at school—or a bad week, a bad month, bad year—chances are switching to homeschooling has crossed your mind. But if you’re thinking about it seriously, well, there are a few things you really need to consider before talking to your parents about it and making the switch.

DO weigh the plusses and minuses carefully

Making the switch from a traditional school to homeschooling isn’t as simple as staying in your PJs all day while you do you work. There are a lot of changes to consider, from not socializing during the day and missing out on classroom on discussions to altering your curriculum to cater to your interests and going at your own speed. You need to look at all the considerations before making a decision.

DON’T call it quits on school because you just don’t like it

Not liking middle or high school is actually pretty typical. If you’re at the point where you’re seriously considering homeschooling as an alternative, ask yourself why. Are you not feeling challenged enough? Are you bored? Are you being bullied? Do you hate your teachers? Some of these things can be fixed in a traditional school setting, while others may mean homeschooling really is your best option.

DO consider other more traditional options

Take a look at private schools, charter schools and specialty schools, like technical high schools and performing arts academies. Even boarding and military academies are an option. If private schools in your area are too expensive to consider, don’t write them off before checking into scholarship opportunities.

DON’T forget to check into local homeschooling resources

If you’re in a well-populated urban or suburban area, chances are there are already homeschooling communities that foster educational communities, sponsor field trips and throw social gatherings for local families. Talk to your school’s counselor, call up your state’s education department or take to Google to find a contact.

DO look into homeschooling programs to see if they’re for you

This one might just be the most important. If you’re serious about making the switch, chances are good you won’t just head to the library, grab a few books and call that your school day. There are tons of accredited home schooling programs that offer a guided curricula plus classes that are taught and graded by professional teachers rather than mom and dad. They help you take the tests you need to take, and work with school districts to help you meet state education requirements.


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016