The nine painful stages of finals week

It’s almost summer! Which means exams are right around the corner—time for this crazy cycle to begin again.

1. Denial

Finals week can’t really be that close, can it?

2. Procrastination

Maybe you should start studying? Or…maybe you should do something fun to make your mind off of it. You still have time, right?

3. Panic

It’s really happening! Time to study EVERYTHING—you have so many notes to reread!

4. Totally freaking out

Your first exam is TOMORROW? Ahhh! You’ll never be ready!

5. The calm before the storm

This is it. It’s beginning.

6. Major stress

You’ve already taken one final and written two papers and—you still have four exams left? And two essays?!

7. Hope

Only two more exams…two more days and it’ll be over…

8. Celebration!

You’re free! It’s over! You survived!

9. Sleep


Hang in there, GL readers! You can get through this, one step at a time!


by Kjerstin Burdiek | 5/11/2016