Master the locker-room quick change with these tips

Gym class is one of the many necessary evils of school. One of the worst parts of P.E.? Changing in the locker room. When you're forced to change your clothes in a smelly room with 20 other girls, it can be hard to focus on being efficient and getting to your next class on time. The trick to making the most of your locker room time is to master these key tips.

1. Place everything within easy reach
When you're dressing in your gym uniform, lay your "real" clothes on the bench or hang them up in your locker carefully, instead of balling them up or leaving them on the floor. If they're kept tidy, it'll be easy to locate and put on your clothes in the correct order when you're rushing to get changed after class.

2. Plan your outfit with gym class in mind
It may not be the best idea to wear those knee-high lace-up boots on a day that you have gym. If you know an outfit takes a while to take on and off, save it for a day when you don't have to get changed.

3. Skip the shower
Showering can take up a *ton* of time after gym class. Skip the rinse-off and use wet wipes for a quick cleanse. Wipes like these ones are a perfect thing to keep in your locker fix kit.

4. Don't waste time
It sure is tempting to chat with the other girls in the locker room, but you're on a mission and every second counts. Use all your time wisely. If you're changed before the bell rings, then you can chat.

What are your tips for getting changed quickly after gym class?


by Deanna Schwartz | 1/28/2019