The 5 best ways to decompress from school during break

Winter is a stressful time for all of us—school is ramping up, finals are approaching and the New Year means new expectations. Here are 5 ways to actually chill out over winter break, and have it really feel like a break.

1. Do your homework early

Yeah, it's the worst when *that* teacher assigns homework over break. But seriously, it's so much better to get it over with early than to ring in the New Year by having a breakdown and doing flashcards for Spanish at the last minute, when you could've done it a week ago. 

2. Stop talking about school

When you're on break, be present. If you're hanging out with your besties, hang out with your besties! Stop groaning about the classes and teachers and activities you won't encounter for ovver a week. And seriously, don't psych yourself out about going back.

3. Meditate

Take the time to yourself to zone out. Shut out the world for a while. A study conducted by the American Psychosomatic Society found that those who meditated showed major changes in brain activity related positive thinking and optimism. Aka, it's good for you! 

4. Go out to your favorite restaurant

Let somebody else do the cooking for you. We have a weakness for that *one* place (lookin' at you, Shake Shack!), and this is the time to treat yourself.

5. Have a spa day

When you've got nothing to do, there's nothing better to do than treat yourself. So use that bath bomb, paint your nails, do that face mask—whatever it is you do, just do it with (self-)care.

Will you use any of these tips to chill out over break? Let us know in the comments!

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by Audrey Bartholomew | 12/20/2018