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Your five day plan to raising awareness for eating disorders


Eating disorders are a serious and scary mental disorder that often go untalked about in our society. The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc. (ANAD), a non-profit organization, does just this and aims to fight the high number of eating disorders in our country. According to statistics on ANAD's website, the number of people who have eating disorders in the United States is at least 30 million people. Yikes. Fortunately there are a lot of ways to help from programs focused on educating people about eating disorders to offering support and awareness. ANAD is doing everything they can to lower this number and *you* can join the fight, too.

One of ANAD's biggest and most helpful event is ANAD Week and, although it was officially held from February 27 - March 3, you can have your own ANAD Week any time of the year. It's a week meant to bring awareness, support and love to those who have suffered or are suffering from eating disorders. Whether you want to participate by yourself, with friends or involve your whole school, all you have to do is partipate in activites for five days that challenge what beauty really is. Follow our example below:

Day 1 - Makeupless Monday
Forget the makeup today and focus on your natural beauty and the things that make you, you. Spend time with your friends and encourage them to embrace their natural beauty. Take care of yourself and give yourself some TLC.  

Day 2 - Trash Your Insecurities Tuesday
Everybody experiences insecurities and it's time to finally get rid of them and put them where they belong: the trash. Write down all of the things you're insecure about on a piece of paper and throw it in a trash can when you're done. Encourage your besties to do it with you. 

Day 3 - Why You're Better Than Barbie Wednesday
The measurements of Barbie are physically impossible, but many consider her to be a beauty standard for girls. Challenge the idea of what Barbie represents to many young girls and understand that the way you are is better than Barbie ever could be.

Day 4 - Post It Up Thursday
Positive messages make the world go round so go out and post them everywhere! Write down inspiring and positive messages onto sticky notes and put them around your room, on your mirror, in locker rooms, etc. 

Day 5 - Fearless Friday
Show someone or everyone how fearless you can be by sharing a difficult experience about yourself. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and powerful, then end the day by lighting a candle to symbolize your inner beauty shining through.

Check out ANAD's website to learn more about their organization and what you can do. 

What do you think about ANAD Week?  Would you have one of your own?  Let us know in the comments below!

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by Cali Drouillard | 3/26/2017