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How to deal with guilt

We all make mistakes. We sometimes act before thinking about how our actions will affect others or ourselves down the line. You may have forgotten to invite a good friend to a sleepover or said something they found offensive. Here how to deal with guilt so you can feel better and repair your relationships ASAP.

Apologize or make amends 

Showing how truly remorseful and sorry you are for your wrong-doing can go a long way. Even if your friend doesn’t forgive you, making a true effort to makeup for what you did will better allow you to move on and learn from the guilt. If you indeed did forget to invite your friend to your sleepover, try inviting her to a group movie night so she knows you didn’t purposely leave her out. 

Reflect on what you did

Sometimes you can feel guilty for not taking enough time to study or spending more money than you should have. Think about what led you to make your mistake. Maybe you were watching too much TV or couldn’t help yourself when you saw that new line of fall sweaters. See what is at the root of these actions, and use your feelings of guilt to stray you away from making the same mistake again. This is how we learn and grow. 

Forgive yourself 

It’s ok to mess up sometimes. You can’t be the perfect student, friend or girl all the time. It's important to realize feelings of guilt aren't necessarily a bad thing. These feelings prove that you are a caring and remorseful person with a developing moral compass. Allow yourself to feel it and let it go.

How do you cope with your guilt? 


by Cassandra R Lopez | 10/26/2019