Stand Together - A true story about bullying

Throughout the month of October, we’re publishing your stories about bullying to spread awareness and stomp it out. Here’s a totally true tale from a real girl just like you.
Stand together

By Mikayla S., 13 
This year, I’m in eighth grade. Bullying is a common thing in my school. From harsh words, fights on Facebook, to actual physical bullying, I’ve been affected by it all. When I was in fourth grade, a girl was getting made fun of. I stood up for her, even though I didn’t know her, and they started picking on me. Calling me names, teasing me and calling me ugly. They used to laugh whenever they saw me and would walk away when I tried to talk to them. At first it wasn’t so bad, but then more people started to target me as a victim.
This year, it has gotten much worse. People have begun to actually physically hurt me. Right now, it’s only one girl, but I know it could escalate. I love music and writing, and sometimes I catch myself tapping out notes on my desk like it’s a piano or humming on the bus. They never say anything, but they give me looks of disgust then laugh with their friends, always making sure I’m watching.


Recently, I’ve come out as being bisexual, and it made everything worse. They’ve been calling me every name in the book, some I’d never even heard before. Even my friends began to make fun of me, and stopped talking to me all together.  I’ve spent countless hours crying and have lost my hope. I’ve tried to talk to my mom, but she doesn’t believe in me being bisexual and won’t talk about it. My counselor is always too busy to talk and I’m afraid to talk to anyone else.

But I still stick up for others. It gets me made fun of, but I don’t mind if it means helping someone. Even if I can’t fix my own problems, I know I can fix someone’s bad day. Just smiling at a kid who doesn’t talk much or picking up someone’s books in the hallway can make a huge difference. I know by helping them, it’ll help them remember that there is still good in this world. And it’s helping me to realize that I don’t have it so bad. By helping someone out, I hope that they’ll turn around and help me out. If I help someone, and then they help someone else, we can stand together and help Stomp Out Bullying.
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by GL Reader | 2/1/2016