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How can I work out with a broken foot?

I have a really big event to go to soon, and I have a little body fat. I need to lose it fast and safely.  I also broke my foot, so it is hard to do some exercises. Any tips?


Ouch! I’m so sorry to hear about your broken foot! There are a few things you should be able to do (with your doctor’s approval), but the thing about fat is that you have to burn it off through aerobic activity, and dropping weight quickly is both hard to do and inadvisable. With a broken foot, you definitely don’t want to push yourself, so do take it easy.


Buff up that physique


There are ways you can build up muscle tone fairly quickly and noticeably, which will give you a lean physique. Try lifting weights, which you can do seated, or if you can get down on the ground, crank out some push-ups, girl-style, with your knees bent.


Boost your heart rate


How good are you with crutches? If you’re a master at the three-legged hobble and it gets ya moving around and breathing heavily, try taking your act outside and going for a walk. Avoid icy patches and bring a bud with you, just in case. Be careful though, girlie! You def do not want to strain your upper body, so don’t push too hard.


Do a little pilates


Pilates is great at strengthening your core muscles, which will make your middle look fab once you lose the extra bit of body fat. It’ll also give you more control in everyday life, so if you’re struggling with the crutches, def try adding some flat-on-your-back pilates exercises to your to-do list. A full pilates routine is a great calorie-burning workout.


Have a ball


Working out on an exercise ball gives you the added challenged of conquering instability. It’ll get your heart rate up, tone your core and burn a lot of calories. Try this exercise: Lay on your back on the exercise ball and put your broken foot up on the couch for stability. Then do sit ups or crunches, keeping your core tight.


Stop stressin’!


Chances are the only one who notices whatever body fat you have is you, so take a deep breath girl and exhale the anxiety. Once you pull on a dreamy dress and give your reflection a grin, you’ll look fantastic, no matter how much you weight, what your tummy looks like or what that measuring tape says. Love your body, lady!


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