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Captain Planet Earth Day Party

For this Earth Day party, we’re heading back to nature. It’s all about going green, staying local and loving the world we live in. Whoever said Captain Planet couldn’t use a little girl power to save the world? Go ahead, girlies: The power is yours!


Enviro-friendly e-vites

Since sending a paper invitation for an Earth Day party seems a little, I don’t know, off, we think e-vites and Facebook events are the perfect picks to help you gather your group. Send them to your besties and tell ‘em to bring a friend. Why not make a few new BFFs while you’re at it, eh?


All-natural goodies

For your munchies, stick with delicious whole foods. Browse the produce section of your grocery store in take your buds to a local farmer’s market to pick up the day’s eats. We’re loving fresh berries, crisp carrots, apples, bananas, celery—you name it! Whip up a veggie dip, put out some cheese ‘n’ crackers (or some delish country-style bread) and grab some before it’s all gone.


The great outdoors

Whatever you do, you’ve gotta get your girls outside. Pack a lunch and go for a hike at a local state park, climb trees in the backyard, throw a picnic on the lawn—whatever you do, it’s time to soak up some warm spring sunshine and reconnect with Mother Nature. She is pretty fab, ya know.


Weather forecast not so hot? ‘Tis the season for April showers! A light drizzle can make for an awesome dance party. Give your guests a heads-up before they arrive and take your group outdoors to rock out in the rain. Plug in a stereo in the garage or crack a window and bust a move in the driveway or back yard.


Trash-to-treasure contest

Set out used milk jugs, grocery bags, empty cans and other recyclable products you can find and save around the house. Give your guests and time limit—think 20 to 30 mins, max—and see who can create the best sculpture of them all.


Perfect party favors

Send your guests home with a (reusable) bag full of goodies. Tuck a packet of wildflower seeds, a homemade pinecone ‘n’ peanut butter bird feeder and some locally-made goodies—chocolates, candies, fruit, etc.—into an up-cycled shopping bag. Hand ‘em out as your guests say sayonara!

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 4/14/2011 2:27:00 PM


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