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10 pool party dos and don'ts

Throwing your own splash bash this Memorial Day weekend? No sweat, sweetie! Keep cool with your best-ever guide to throwing the best pool party of the season. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!


DO make sure your parents are ready and willing to chaperone, just in case anything not-so-fab happens. If you’re inviting a lot of kids over, it might be nice to throw a separate, smaller party for some of your friends’ parents.


DON’T flout the rules your ‘rents set (or those of the pool you’re splashin’ in). They’re there to keep you safe while you have fun. Besides, nobody wants to get pulled outta the water, right?


DO have delish finger food on hand…along with napkins to wipe off greasy fingers. We love cookout food on the grill for any outdoor party, but made-ahead sammies (PB&J for the win!), Goldfish and fresh fruit are pretty fab, too.


DON’T stock up only on junk food. Sure, some sodas and chips are practically party must-haves, but make sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand as well as tasty, healthy bites, too.


DO be prepared with a few games everyone can play! From diving contests to relays to chicken, games are pool party classics! CLICK HERE for our faves.


DON’T tease the not-so-fab swimmers in your group. Just ‘cause your bud lagged behind and lost the sprint relay doesn’t mean you should tease her mercilessly about her poor performance. A party is about having fun, right?


DO offer up some outta-the-water activities for when your fingers are getting prune-y. Swimming is tons of fun, but that doesn’t mean some volleyball, sack races or old-school board games (hello, Twister!) won’t hit the spot.


DON’T force your guests to play if they don’t want to. If someone wants to sit out, ask them to be the ref or judge, that way everyone can have fun the way they want to.


DO set up a table loaded with sunscreen, dry towels, fresh H2O and goggles for those needed some respite from the hot summer sun or overly chlorinated pool water. Phew!


DON’T get judgmental when it comes to your guests’ swimwear. We’re betting just about everyone feels a wee bit awkward in a bathing suit, whether it’s a bikini, a one-piece or a full-on bodysuit. Lighten up, compliment the bold color choice and dive right in!


What’s your number-one pool party rule to live by, babes?

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 5/22/2014 12:00:00 AM


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