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Fall back with 60 sweet ways to spend your extra hour

Daylight savings time is giving us an extra hour this weekend and we’re not about to waste it! So set your clocks and get ready to fall back with some extra fun. Need a little help making the most of your time? We’ve got 60 ideas that are sure to turn your extra hour into time well spent.



Shoot a music video. All you need is a video camera, your crew and your fave tune.
Put on your tennis shoes and take a hike. There’s nothing like some nature cardio.
Spread a blanket and invite your BFF over for an indoor picnic. You won’t miss those pesky ants.
Are you an artist? Draw a portrait for mom and dad.
Plan a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to take your camera! The first team to snap a pic of everything on their list wins!
Satisfy your sweet tooth by hand-dipping strawberries into creamy chocolate. Grab the how-to here.
Set up a studio in your kitchen and do manis for your besties. Check this article out for adorable nail inspiration. 
Get cozy with a book, blanket and hot cocoa. Here’s GL’s favorite recipe of all time.
Bust out your fave videogame and finally beat that level!
De-stress with a pet.
Visit a chic café with a friend or make it a date and invite your crush.
Write a love note…to yourself! List 101 things you LOVE about Y-O-U.

Take a walk to a creek and practice your rock skipping technique.
Make a slideshow of your fave pics and share it with your friends.
Clean out your closet. Tons of new closet space? Hello, shopping trip!
Keep your pics and to do lists under control by crafting this too-cute ribbon board. Check out how here. 
Grab a jacket and take a younger sib to the playground.  Turn it into a workout with our how-to.
Pick up some beads from the craft store and make a friendship bracelet: perfect DIY gift for your BFF.
Start an impromptu band with everyday instruments you find around the house. Spoons, Tupperware and rubber bands? Go for it!
Channel your inner kid with finger painting. Super messy but super fun!
Make cupcakes to decorate with your leftover Halloween candy.
Try a new hairstyle to rock at school. Copy this cute ‘do from a GL intern. 
Feeling competitive? Take it outside for a game of H-O-R-S-E.
Visit a relative; they’ll be glad to see you.
Hit the mall with your BFF to try on crazy outfits. Who knows, you might even find something unexpectedly fab.
Get chatty with your crush. New beau alert? Here’s how to talk to your crush.
Bursting with lyrical talent? Write a new song to perform in front of you fam.
Turn your bathroom into a spa for you and your BFF. Facemasks are a must! Check out these DIY recipes. 
Make sugar cookies. Cut out the dough into leaf shapes and decorate with your fave fall colors.
Get in the groove with some new dance moves. Already a Gangnam Style master? Perfect your own signature steps. Get the how-tos here.
Visit an indoor pool for a swim. Marco Polo anyone? Grab more pool game ideas here.
Host a silly photo shoot. Search your house for props or make your own: Halloween costumes, paper mustaches, chalkboards and sunglasses are perf.
Do some presidential research before the big election.

Create a journal that’s all you. Start with a plain notebook and get crafty with stickers, glitter, markers and magazine clippings.

Explore the library for great new books, CDs or movies.
Get the neighborhood kids together for a game of Frisbee football.
Invite your besties to a tea party. Plan a menu of triangle sandwiches and pastries or cookies for dessert.
Work on a cuteness overload with vids of your fave animals. Check out this cutest chameleon ever. 
Get started on your holiday shopping. It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit!

Collect some leaves for leaf etching.  Frame your art for fab fall room décor.

Try out your fave smoothie recipes and invite your fam to be taste testers. Vanilla strawberry banana? Delish!
Break out the classic board games for some old-school fun.
It’s National Novel Writing Month, so grab a notebook and get started!
Phone a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while. You’re sure to have tons to talk about.
Are you a fashionista? Start a blog of beauty tips and outfit advice.
Organize your backpack, folders and binders. Bye-bye, schoolwork clutter.
Grab some colored pencils and a coloring book. Who says you’re too old for this?
Get crafty in the kitchen with a new dish. Check out this super healthy tuna taco recipe. 
Organize a nightfall treasure hunt. Glow sticks required.
Start a new club with your friends. A crafts club? 1D club? workout club? Get your friends together to vote on the best suggestion.
Visit an exotic pet shop to check out all the reptiles and tropical fish.
Sharpen your baseball skills with a trip to the batting cages.
Put on those yoga pants and master a pose. Yoga is great for toning up your bod and winding down from stress.

Catch up on your beauty sleep and feel extra refreshed in the morning. Zzz!


What are you doing with your extra hour? Blog about it, babes!

BY LAUREN IZQUIERDO ON 11/1/2013 12:00:00 AM


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