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10 rezzies to improve your love life

Ahhhh, a new year, new opportunities, and… a new BF? We’re all looking for the “refresh” button once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, so we make resolutions to get fit, eat healthier, play more, study harder… love more. Whether you’re already in a committed relationship, looking for the right guy or lovin’ the single life, these resolutions will help improve any relationship:  
Be honest. Promise to tell the truth--you will build trust with your friends, family and BF. 
Be bold. We can all use a little bit of confidence. Ask out the guy you’re crushing on, surprise your BF, or do something crazy with your BFFs like performing karaoke in front of a crowd! Eeek! It will be worth it.
Listen and communicate. From breaking the ice with your crush to defusing an argument with your BF, you gotta start the somewhere. And the best way to a two-way convo is to put your fears and ego aside and listen as much as you talk.
Laugh. Sounds so simple, but laughing can make you happy and healthier. Plus, guys say it’s really attractive… hahaha, show me the cuties!
Try new things. Spice up your relationship by doing something different. Perhaps, instead of going to the movies and dinner for a date, split the cost of some snowboard lessons. Even if you’re going by yourself or with a friend, you will have a blast and maybe learn something new about yourself.  
Know what you want. Don’t waste time in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere. You want to be happy whether or not it’s with or without somebody.
Be respectful. What goes around, comes around. If you treat others well, they will want to hang out with you and treat you well in return. And what kind of relationship isn’t based off respect?
Be yourself. It isn’t fair to you or anyone else if you aren’t being yourself. It will put a strain on any relationship and make you and everyone around you unhappy.
Balance time. Ever torn between your BF and BFF? Make time for both so you don’t forget about one while suffocating the other.
Say yes. While sitting on the couch, eating ice cream and watching a rom-com is my idea of an awesome Friday night, a party will help you meet people (mainly guys), have fun and change the scene if you’re bringing the BF. 

BY HANNAH HICKLEN ON 12/30/2012 12:00:00 AM

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