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How to dress for summer... when it's still cold out

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming – yep, it’s definitely not winter anymore. That means we can finally stop layering on all that wool and start filling our closets with all those warm-weather pieces that we’ve been dying to wear for months. While it’s not quite time to pull out those flip-flops and bikini tops yet, there are still plenty of summertime staples that we’re excited to start rocking now.

  • stripes.jpg

    Nifty nautical

    Let’s face it: as cute as striped boatnecks and Sperry’s are, these fash choices seem a little out of place without sailing-appropriate weather to accompany them. Springtime sunshine with a brisk breeze, though? Give us our nautical-wear any day.
    Wear it right now: Swap the shorts for cuffed white skinnies and a denim jacket.

    Open-Knit Striped Top, $16, forever21.com

  • sparklesperrys.jpg

    Nifty nautical

    Dexter Women’s Gally Boat Moc, $30, payless.com
  • wayfarers.jpg

    Stay sunny

    Throw on a pair of sunnies with any outfit, and there’ll be no doubt in anybody’s mind that you’re gearing up for summertime. For some of our fave shade styles, check out our post on cute and cheap eyewear.
    Wear it now: We heart anything highlighter hued. Rock these with a neon necklace.

    Wayfarer Sunglasses in Neon Yellow, $6, forever21.com

  • chevroncardi.jpg

    Cardi party

    Soon it’ll be too hot out for the tricky lightweight layer, so wear ‘em while you still can. Cardigans are the perfect pieces for pairing with those floral skirts and white dresses you’ve been itching to pull out of your closet all winter long.

    Wear it now: Toss one on over your fave shorts and tee combo. Add ankle boots.


    Chevron Knit Cardigan, $23, forever21.com

  • cardi2.jpg

    Cardi party

    Pim + Larkin Polka Dot Crew Cardigan, $30, piperlime.com
  • blouse1.jpg

    Breezy blouse

    These light flowy tops are the perfect way to usher in your warm-weather wardrobe. Their loose silhouettes are both widely flattering and embody the easy, relaxed feel of the summer season.
    Wear it right now: Layer a knotted chambray shirt over your cute blouse or crop top. 

    Free People Smocked Back Picnic Crop Top, $38, shopbop.com

  • blouse2.jpg
    Breezy blouse
    Sunshine Days Applique Top, $33, shopruche.com
  • blouse3.jpg
    Breezy blouse
    Wellwood Top in Mint, $37, shopsosie.com
  • wedges1.jpg
    Wild wedges
    While it may not be sandal season yet, it’s just warm enough to let your toes breathe a little. These super-cute platforms are definitely a welcome change from all those stuffy boots.
    Wear it right now: Match your prettiest pair with dark skinnies for a night out.

    Floral Fest Wedges, $40, rusticvogue.com

  • scarf2.jpg

    Go with the flow

    Mint to Be Scarf, $18, modcloth.com
  • wedges2.jpg
    Wild wedges
    Margarita Strappy Wedges, $40, shopruche.com
  • scarf1.jpg

    Go with the flow

    While scarves are definitely a winter accessory, the ones on the gauzier end of the spectrum practically sing spring. Make your wardrobe transition seamless by incorporating a couple of these floaty fabrics
    Wear it right now: Loop one around your neck and toss a blazer over your tee. So chic!

    Southwestern Scarf, $10, forever21.com

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg


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