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Bored much? 10 LOL-worthy ways to channel your fave celeb

Have you ever wished you could act just like Selena Gomez or Blake Lively? Or maybe you wish you could have bold style like Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel. Well we’ve got the scoop on how to channel your favorite inner celebs. Check it out!


Study their looks

If you wanna act like your fave star, you gotta know their style to a T. Look through magazines and search pictures of them. You can even look online to see if they have any interviews where they talk about their fashion inspirations.


Take a shopping trip

Print out some pics of your fave celeb in their cutest outfits. Head to the mall and try to find similar outfit choices. We bet you can find clothes just like theirs for a lot less moolah.


Style your hair like hers

Try styling your hair like your fave celeb. If she wears it in long curly locks, grab a curling iron and do this do. You can even pick out a certain style she wore to an event that you especially liked. Click here for style ideas.


Do your makeup

Makeup is always fun to do when you’re hangin’ with your best girl. Plus, you’ll never catch a celeb without her face done-up. So look up how your celeb likes to wear it and mimic it! If she’s all natural, try colors that blend with your skin. If she funky and edgy, try bright colors for your eyes and lips.


Play karaoke

If your fave celeb is a singer, grab a brush and pretend it’s a mic. Who cares if you’re not a great singer? Dancing around with your gals and singing to your favorite songs will give you a feel for how your top star feels on the stage.


Act out your favorite movie scene

Maybe your fave celeb is an actress. Watch some of her chic flics and pick a few scenes that you like the best. Have fun with your friends acting them out. Better yet? Get it on camera—and post to Instagram if you’re feeling particularly brave.


Have a photo shoot

No celebrity is a super star without having done a photo shoot. Set up a cute set and take pics with your babe. The glamour of the pictures will leave you feeling like a star for sure. Wanna go above and beyond? Take turns shooting cover images, then use a photo editing app like Picmonkey to transform it into a GL cover. Email your best to youwroteit@girlslife.com.


Look up some of their hobbies

If you really want to act like your fave celeb beyond their looks, read up on some stuff they like to do for fun and be a copycat. If they’re sporty, you and your girls can hit the outdoors. Or maybe they like doing charity work. You and your babes can go do some volunteer work.


Show their confidence

Maybe she’s fierce, or maybe she’s down-to-earth. Either way, there’s no doubt that your fave celeb has confidence. So don’t be afraid to show yours!


But hey, at the end of the day, remember to be yourself

It’s great if you want to dress up like your favorite celebrity for a day, but just be sure to stay true to yourself. Try using her as an inspiration, not just someone to copy. She’s her own person, so being your own person is still channeling her, too!


Which celeb would you love to trade places with? Tell us in the comments!



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BY KATIE TAKACS ON 7/7/2013 2:00:00 AM


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