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6 fun things to do with your sibs this summer

This summer season, you’re probably pumped for slumber parties with the girls and big-screen worthy romance with your crush. But when you start to get bored of besties and beach babes, it’s the perf time to return to your roots. Chilling with the fam is way better than you’d think, so shake things up and make the bro and sis your new BFFs!

Make a delish dish

Cooking at home is a healthy way to have some fun- and an awesome meal. Grab your sibs and offer to make dinner for the fam. You’ll have a blast picking a recipe and cooking up some yummy cuisine. Plus, the ‘rents will totally love the help!


Make cool and crafty memories

Gather up the most embarrassing, hilarious, adorable baby pics of you and your siblings. Then do a decorated collage on a canvas for a shared piece that lasts. It’s the perf DIY way to reminisce and create a keepsake that’ll make you smile for years.


Redo a room

Pick a space in your house that could use a crafty update. Spend a weekend planning your design and picking out supplies—then get going. Rearrange furniture, and hang up handmade art (with parent permission, of course) for a fresh new look.


Share something new

Having hobbies is cool, but sharing them with others is even more of a blast. Whatever you’ve been wanting to try, invite the bro and sis to try it out with ya. Sharing a new sport or skill will give you guys an awesome new activity to do together- that means endless bonding seshes!


Peek into the past

Even if you’ve heard tons of tales from grandma and grandpa, how well do you really know the family tree? Hunting for your ancestor’s stories is super fun. And when you piece the past together, it’s like reading the best story ever: the story of you! The library, web, and your ‘rents are all awesome resources.


Become pen pal partners

Slip a special letter under your sibling (or siblings!) door next time they’re out of the house. Before you know it, you’ll have a confidential convo going. The longer you keep up the letters, the better. Save the notes for memories and laughs later on.


BY JULIE HARANS ON 7/24/2013 6:31:00 PM


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