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6 back-to-school "what if's"-- solved!

After a summer of sun, surf and snow cones, you’re probs not ready to hit the books quite yet, especially if you’re frettin’ over all the “what if’s.” We’ve gathered some of your top worries and have fool-proof fixes so you can have an ah-mazing new school year.


What if I have a mean teacher?

It’s the first week of school and you’re already swamped with tonsa homework. Plus, your teach won’t let you talk in class and always calls on the person without their hand raised. How can you deal with her for a whole year? Just be polite, do all your homework on time, and follow the rules, not matter how unfair they may be. Your teacher has a reason for doing what she does, and may lighten up as the year goes on. But you def don’t want to be stuck on her bad side.


What if my friend isn’t talking to me?

You get to school on the first day ready to chat up your bestie about your summer, when you find that she won’t even look at ya. What gives? Maybe she changed over the past few months, or she just needs some space. Whatever it is, give her some time to explain herself. If nothing comes of that, approach her and ask her what’s up. She may just be waitin’ for you to talk to her.


What if I don’t have time to do anything?

Soccer, chores, dog walking, homework, play rehearsal, and sax practice? Wow. Someone’s got a full plate. You may wanna slow down, take a breath, and set some priorities. Can your sis walk your dog for the week? How about doin’ homework in the car on your way to soccer, or during down time in rehearsal? If workin’ in time for everything isn’t helping, talk to your ‘rents about what activities you should focus on and which to put on the back burner.


What if there’s peer pressure?

Is everyone wearing the same type of boot that you think is just awful? Or are they all gossiping behind their friend’s backs? Don’t feel like ya have to go with the flow. You can totes wear those cute flats you got at the mall last week, or talk about last night’s episode of PLL. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a trend with those flats o’ yours?


What if I don’t make the team?

You’ve practiced for weeks to make the volleyball team, and even though you have a perf serve during tryouts, you still don’t make the cut. Ugh. Instead of mopin’ about your loss, think of it as an opportunity to try something new. Have you always wanted to be a cheerleader? What about joining the art club? Now, you can! Expand your talents—you may end up finding something ya heart even more than volleyball.


What if I can’t open my locker?

Rushing to get to class and—uh-oh, your locker’s stuck. This isn’t a biggie. Just look around for a janitor and ask them to open it for you. When you get to class, just explain it to your teacher. They’ll totally understand and let it slide.


Which "what if" worries you the most? Chat it up in the comments! 

BY KELLY MYSLINKSI ON 8/13/2013 6:46:00 PM

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