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Sneaky ways to make the most of your time off this spring break

You may just want to chill over spring break, but it’s important to stay busy, too! We’ll let you in on a li’l secret though: being busy doesn’t have to be a bore. Here are some fun-filled ways to make the most of your spring break. 


Smoothie sailing.

With all the fantastic activities you and your pals have planned, sometimes you just gotta take your breakfast on the go. Our totally sweet and nutritious smoothie recipes will help you kick start your fun filled day in the yummiest way.


Hike it up.

Hiking is a great way to exercise, and an awesome way to bring out the outdoorsy girl in you—if you’re not already out there soaking up the sun with a layer of SPF, that is. So grab your parents, your pals, your pup and get explorin’!


Book club.

You and your girls have always wanted to start a book club, so why not kick it off during spring break? That way you can read and discuss all the deets while relaxing outside.


Homework head start.

Did your teacher assign you homework over spring break? Sigh, we know it’s a bummer, but the best thing to do is to start right now. You’ll be barefoot and worry free all break long if you get your assignments done ASAP.


New tunes.

You’ve been putting off revamping your playlists, but now that break is here you finally have the time to add that new indie album you’ve heard so much about. And once you’re done adding new tunes, you can invite your besties over. Dance party, anyone?


Neighborhood nonsense.

School has kept you from kickin’ it with your neighborhood crew, but there’s no stopping you now that spring has (almost) sprung. So, grab your friends and head to the park for a catch up sesh. 


Paint party.

Call or text your friends and invite them to a party they’ll never forget—a paint party. Set up a few blank canvases in the backyard, grab some paint and big brushes, and go to town flicking different colored paints at your canvas to create a one of a kind splatter paint piece. You’ll have a wild time and come away with some super colorful artwork for your bedroom. Win-win!




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BY SYDNEY ADAMSON ON 3/12/2014 12:00:00 AM

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