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Escape to Paris with A Phantom Enchantment



There’s a new book on shelves that you’re going to want to put on your must-read list ASAP. A Phantom Enchantment by Eve Marie Mont will keep you interested from the very first page! 


When Emma decides to spend her senior year in Paris, her whole life gets flipped upside down. Never in a million years would she think she’d be going to France, or be friends with Elise. It’s a big change going to another country for a year, especially since Emma’s boyfriend Gray is in California completing his Coast Guard training. With the time difference and Emma’s extremely difficult class schedule, it’s difficult finding time to talk to Gray. Combined with Elise’s aim to find the most popular group in school, Emma begins to get lonelier by the day. That is until one strange event changes Emma’s life.


Emma had bought the French version of The Phantom of the Opera the first day she got to Paris and began reading it before bed. Having a superstition about mirrors, Emma rarely used them. But when she looks at herself in the mirror in her new room at school, she freaks—it isn’t herself looking back at her. 


Follow along as Emma tries to uncover the mystery of what is really going on at Lycee Saint-Antoine. With the perfect mix of modern day culture and the use of history, Eve Marie Mont creates an excellent story that will leave you wanting more.


Pick up A Phantom Enchantment (in stores now!) and help Emma uncover the secrets that others have tried so hard to stay hidden.


Grab the book here!


Have you ever been to Paris? What’s one country you would visit for a year? Share in the comments below.




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