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Let's hear it for our 5 favorite TV dads

It’s Father’s Day, which means it’s time to give thanks to the guys who raise us, whether they’re our dads or the next closest thing. Family is what we make of it, which is why we chose the five awesome dudes below as our fave TV dads. Read on to see who made the cut. 
  • ModernFamily.jpg

    Phil Dunphy of Modern Family

    Phil definitely wins the award for funniest dad out there. He’s a constant source of classic dad blunders like embarrassing his kids and making ridiculous jokes that don’t quite make sense. But at the end of the day he’s there for his family to give advice and uplift some spirits. Our favorite Phil moment? His advice to daughter Haley to “watch at least one sunset every day.”
  • BurtHummel.png

    Burt Hummel from Glee

    TV dads are often portrayed as goofy dudes prone to embarrass their kids. And while they crack us up, it’s nice to see characters play a different role than the stereotype. This is exactly what Kurt’s dad Burt Hummel did on Glee. As much of a man’s man as he is, he’s supportive of Kurt from the moment he comes out and continues to fight for his son’s rights.
  • FullHouse.png

    Danny Tanner from Full House

    Growing up, we always wanted to be part of the Tanner sisterhood with DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. Their dad kept things fun but was also always there for them, which isn’t an easy job as a single father. That being said, an honorable mention for fave TV dad has to go out to Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey. Three dads are better than one in this case!

  • DWAB.jpg

    Bennet James from Dog With A Blog

    Bringing two families together isn’t always easy, which is why the James’ dad makes our list. Not only does he unite his children with the kids of his new wife, he does so with the smartest dog on the planet—Stan! As much mischief as Stan gets up to, Mr. James is there to smooth things over and even crack a joke or two.

  • icarly.jpg

    Spencer from iCarly

    Mr. Shay may have been deployed in the army, but that doesn’t mean Carly was completely parent-less. Her older brother Spencer was the wackiest dude out there with all his sculptures, but he cared for Carly and her friends more than anyone else, making him the coolest non-dad “dad” out there. Props to you, Spence. Now can we jump in your 12-foot cup of Starbucks coffee?

  • SlideShowBanner.jpg
Who's your favorite TV dad and why? Share in the comments below. 

BY KATIE LEMON ON 6/15/2014 12:00:00 AM

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