Build your biz: How to get as many babysitting jobs as possible

We all know that babysitting is a fun and easy way to make money and start building some biz experience. The only catch? You need babies (or kids). Try these tricks and you'll be sittin' pretty!

Phone in the oldies
The parents you babysat for over the summer probably think you’re too swamped with homework to watch their kids. Because we know you miss those cute toddlers and need some fast cash, let them know you’re available to work on weekends! Calling up old employers reminds them that you’re available and that you loved working for them in the past. Just pick up the phone and say, “Hey Mr. and Mrs. ______. I was just thinking about how sweet your kids are and how much I miss them. If you ever need a babysitter over the weekend, I’d be happy to help. I loved working for you in the past.” They’ll be flattered that you adore their kids and admire your bubbly confidence.

Chat up mom's and dad’s coworkers
Stop in at the ‘rents office to show how much you heart adults. While you’re there, start a few conversations with the other people in the office and try not to goof off. They will see how mature you are and want someone just as responsible to care for their kids. Before you leave, remind the coworkers that you love children and if anyone needs a babysitter, you’d be happy to hand out your digits. These busy workers will jump at the opportunity for a night on the town without having to worry about changing diapers.
Ask for a promotion
While you may have one family to babysit for, sometimes the ‘rents rarely call. Because your employers heart staying at home, you need to find other parents that want a night out. Ask them if they have any friends that need a new babysitter. You don’t want the ‘rents to think you’re moving on, so remind them that they are your number-one priority. Just ask, “Do you know of any couples that are looking for a new babysitter? I wanted to find some extra work for when you don’t need me.” They’ll know that your loyalty lies with them and they’ll be happy to help out.

Get certified!
Because there are so many girls who want to babysit, you need to stand out as the best one for the job. Parents want capable teens to care for their tots...and nothing says capable like “I can save your child’s life!” Receiving a First Aid Certification tells parents that you mean business. If something dangerous were to occur, you would be there to lend a life-saving hand. Not only will this help you score a job, but being certified lets you charge more per hour. Trust us, your employers will shell out a few extra dollars to ensure that their child is safe. This certification will make you a desirable babysitter and you’ll feel confident in knowing that the children are safe in your hands.

Being responsible makes things possible
The major thing that employers look for in a person is responsibility. In order to prove that you are a responsible babysitter, try to follow the CSF Rule—check in, show up, and follow through. Although the parents asked you to babysit two days ago, you must check in to ensure that they still need you. Pick up the phone and say, “Hey Mr. and Mrs. ______. I’m just checking in to make sure that you still need me tonight at eight.” They’ll love that you contacted them first and you won’t have to worry about them forgetting their plans. Next, show up on time. We cannot stress this enough—you should be knocking on their door at 7:55! If the parents have plans, they do not want to be late and they are relying on you. Finally, you must follow through on whatever they ask of you. If they expect you to serve dinner and have their kids in bed by 9:30, that is exactly what you should do. Showing that you can conquer the tasks they set out for you will prove that you are responsible and perfect for the job. And better yet, the parents will feel so lucky that they found someone like you!  
How do you keep your babysitting biz alive? Let us know below!   


by Yael Frischling | 2/1/2016