JoBros: Living The Dream, ep 1 recap


Didya catch the premier of the new show Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream! It's an inside look on the incredibly CUTE brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin, just living their lives during their sold-out tour, Look Me in the Eyes. In the first ep, we got to see what the Jonas Brothers actually have to do before they leave on tour! It was a brief look at their photo shoot, styling for the outfits they'll wear on tour, packing just hours before they had to leave and even watching them do their daily parent-mandated chores! Next week, we should get to see a closer look at what really goes on behind the stage of the Jonas Brothers concert. We can’t wait, can you?

How funny were they when they were shopping for shoes! They seem to take as long as we girls do! What would you do if you got to spend a day shopping with any of the cute rockers?

Did you see the bro's help out their family with chores!? How awesome is it that they are down to earth and do everyday things like the rest of us?

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by Cara Tedesco | 2/1/2016