Woohoo! 25 things you gotta do this spring break

Spring break is almost here, and man are we stoked. No Algebra homework, no soccer practice, no plans. Sweet! Not sure what to do all that free time? We have 25 tips on how to make this the best spring break ever! 

Go on a road trip. Grab your besties (and someone with a license) and just drive. Find a small diner for lunch then see the sights along the way.

Bake. You’ve always wanted to try making those lemon bars on your recipe Pinterest board, and now’s your chance. Need some inspo? Check out our GL recipes here.

Have a movie marathon. You finally have the free time to watch the entire Harry Potter flicks beginning to end, but never had the time. Grab your fellow wizards and get ready for a whole lot of fun!

Go camping. Whether it’s the real thing or just setting up your tent in the backyard, there’s nothing like falling asleep under the stars.

Grab a gym buddy. Check out that Zumba class everyone has been talking about. Enlisting a friend keeps both of you motivated.

Volunteer. From elderly homes to animal shelters, there are always places in need of a helping hand. Round up your besties and do some good. 

Take a day trip to the city. Whether it’s the Big Apple or the next town over, it will be a whole new adventure for you and your crew.

Head to the beach. It may not be warm enough for a dip in the ocean, but there will still be Boardwalk games, shops and restaurants to check out. Plus, you’ll find tons of amazing sales.

Get a new ‘do. Itching to try out a different look? Whether it’s a new color or adding some bangs, just go for it! If you hate it, it’ll always grow back. 

Have a girls’ day. Grab your sis, mom, aunt and besties and spend a whole day together. Plan brunch, go to the park, hit the mall—no matter what you do, it’ll be a blast with your girls by your side.

Job hunt. It’s never too early to start looking for summer gig.

Catch up with old friends. Have a friend who’s drifted apart? Patch things up with a round of coffee. 

Have a photo shoot. Grab your friends, a camera and your fave clothes and head outside. Take turns being the photographer and create the best pics possible.

Treat yourself. Splurge on getting a mani/ pedi with your fave spring colors. You’re worth it!

Have a DIY spa day. Get spa treatment without the price. Whip up this homemade facial mask, and you’re ready to go.

Ride your bike. Has your bike been sitting in your garage for the past year? Take out for a spin and get your blood pumpin’. 

Give your parents a date night. Offer to watch the younger sibs for the night (for free) and tell your parents to go out for dinner. It will earn you major brownie points for the future.

Donate your clothes. Go through your closet and donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year. Not only are you helping the needy, but you are also making room in your closet for new spring clothes.

Learn something new. Whether it’s knitting, painting or playing the guitar, take this time to do something you’ve always wished you could.

Spruce up your space. Bored of the same ol’ boring colored walls? Take this week to spice up your room by adding wall decals, fun new pillows and a throw rug. Your room will be looking new in no time.

Start a garden. Spend some time with your mom by planting flower seeds, so that when warm weather comes, the flowers will be in full bloom.

Disconnect for a day. Yup, we know it will be hard unplugging for 24 hours. But it’ll be worth it living in the moment rather than living through your Instagram feed. 

Throw a themed sleepover. Invite your besties over for a themed party. From ‘80s to animal print and everything in between, it’s sure to be a sleepover for the record books.

Mastermind scavenger hunt. Gather your girls and trek across your hometown area snapping pics of the items on your list. 

Be spontaneous. Remember to have fun, be adventurous and go out of your comfort zone!


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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016