Beauty Spy: GL reader Aliana A. spills all her head-to-toe beauty secrets!


Read all about how GL gal Aliana A. from Richmond, VA keeps her face and bod looking healthy and natural with her fave products!
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    Three ways to describe my beauty style: Sporty, natural and fresh-faced.


    I wear makeup... All the time (even if it's just a hint of lipgloss).


    My best beauty tip: Less is more! You don't have to wear a ton of makeup to look and feel your best.

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    Fave lip product: Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, $4,

    Why I love it: This chapstick gives my lips a hint of red without looking like I am trying too hard. It also keeps my lips super soft! 

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    Fave eye product: NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow in Late Night Late, $3,


    Why I love it: I love the natural look I get with this eye shadow––and if I want to go glam, the variation of colors allows me to play up my eyes from day to night.  


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    Fave Mascara: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, $17,

    Why I love it: If you want awesome lashes, try this stuff! It makes my lashes look like they are so much longer and fuller than any other brand. It is SO worth the $17 if you ask me!
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    Fave face color product: NYX Cream Blush in Natural, $7,

    Why I love it: The natural glow I get using this blush is awesome. I get the perfect combo of rosy-colored cheeks without looking super flushed. 

  • 5_dove.png

    Fave fash wash product: Dove Beauty Bar, $2,

    Why I love it: This soap bar is gentle, smells good and is perf for my sensitive skin. I use it on my face (and all over my bod). Best part? I never have to worry about extra-dry bumpy skin.

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by GL | 2/1/2016