GL's staff goes green! asked our very own staffers to spill their go-green ways…

“On Saturday mornings, I walk to the nearby farmer’s market. I’ll bring my own bag with me and stock up on my favorite foods, like kale and pink lady apples. I try to buy my milk there, too. It’s hormone free and comes in recyclable glass jars. Tastes so much better.” –Katie A.

“I always remember to donate used clothes and products to people who can use them instead of throwing them away.” –Patty O.

“Instead of bringing my lunch every day in different plastic Ziplock baggies and a shopping bag, I bring all of the essentials to make my sandwich in the same canvas tote each day.” –Trish M.

“I recycle everywhere I go. Whether it’s here at GL (yes, I’m the office recycler. I take bags and bags home every two weeks!) or at a family party where I know they don’t recycle. A little effort goes a long way!” –Katie MS.

“I must have been born nocturnal because I love to turn off lights, as many staffers can attest to. (Sometimes I even shut them off while they’re still at their desk, eek!). Usually when I’m scrounging for food late at night or running from room to room, I use my night vision. Besides, I could find the fridge with my eyes closed anyway!” –Jiae K.

“This might sound like an endorsement but I just started using the new Gleen cleaning cloth. It’s great because you don’t have to use any cleaning products and it’s reusable, so you don’t use as many paper towels or harsh chemicals. I love it!” –Brooke W.

“I’ve really gotten into the habit of checking things I’m about the chuck for the li’l recycle sign on the bottom. If I see that arrowed triangle, I make sure to put whatever I’m trashing (shampoo bottles, yogurt containers, shopping bags) in the recycling bin!” –Cait R.

“I have a cabinet in my kitchen that my roomie and I throw all of our plastic bags in. Once its full we take them to the grocery store where they have a recycling bin just for plastic bags. I know it’s not reusable bags but it’s the second best thing.” –Keri W.

"In an attempt to be a little greener, I’ve stopped buying water bottles (the plastic kind) and bought one that I can refill every day. It cuts back massively on waste, and even though the plastic water bottles can be recycled, it takes and energy and pollution to do that." –Ashley B.

"I try to exercise outside, whether it’s going for a run or walking so that I don't use the powered machines at the gym. I get a chance to enjoy the weather and conserve energy at the same time. It def makes me feel more connected to the environment!" –Jami K.

"I'll admit it, my family doesn't usually recycle. Gasp! But in honor of Earth Day, I'm going to set up a recycling bin and start making my family use it! It's never too late to start, right?" –Jess H.

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A green thumb gal with ways to get our earth back on track? What are you doing for Earth Day? Share it now! 

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by GL | 2/1/2016