I'm afraid of shots!

I have been afraid of shots since I was a baby. Now, I'm older but five nurses have to hold me down while I get a shot. Can you give me some advice on how to control this phobia?

Hey girlie!

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to deal with a fear like this, the worse it'll probably get. So, think about when your next big shot is. Before you have to get it, prep yourself way in advance so that you'll feel less anxious. First off, DON'T LOOK! It'll totally freak you out if you can see the needle going into your skin. You should also see if you can drag your BFF, your mom or your BF into the shot room with ya to act as a hand-holder.

Another thing you can do is create an anxiety-free atmosphere right before you get your shot. What calms you down in a stressful sitch? Is it listening to your iPod? Calmly counting to ten? Squeezing your eyes shut and dreaming of an island vacay? Think of something that'll make you less nervous and apply that technique the next time the doc orders up a pincher.

If you give these tactics a try and they're still not working it might be time to talk to your 'rents about seeking professional help. No one should have to live their lives with such an intense fear. Good luck, girl. I know you can do it!

-Jackie E.

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9/21/2009 7:00:00 AM