Throw a New Year's Eve sleepover!

Need some plans to ring in the New Year? We've got a rockin' sleepover that's perf for starting off your best year yet. Gather up your besties and get set to greet the new year in style.
Amazing Invites
The most amazing sleepover starts with the best invites EVER! New Year's is all about glitz and glam, so start sparkling before the bash even begins.
What you’ll need:
Silver metallic paper
Glitter pens
Black pen
What you'll do:
1. Cut your paper into postcard-sized pieces, one for each BFF you're inviting.
2. On the one side of the paper, use your glitter pen to write out something that'll let your pals know this is a New Year's bash. Cool phrases like, “Happy New Year's,” or “Come Watch the Ball Drop!"
3. Once you let that side dry, flip your card over and write with your black pen important info, like the time the sleepover starts, the locale, what to wear (go for fancy frocks or chill out in comfy PJs!) and what guests will need to bring (if anything!) 
4. Use your glitter pen to go over what you wrote in black for an extra jazzy look.
Dazzlin' Decor
Make it a festive atmosphere with silvery tinsel decor, lotsa lights and sparkly streamers. Buy noisemakers at a craft store or DIY by asking mama if she has any ol' pots and pans that she doesn't care if you drum on.
Print up some super-cute pics of you and your pals from 2014. Write down inside jokes and put 'em up on the wall for funny reminders, too. 
Create a playlist with all your fave tunes from the past year so you and your chicas can jam out all night. 
Stock up on your fave movies from '13. Stay awake before midnight watching your celeb crushes and laughing it up. After midnight, get set to chill with some chick flicks and fall asleep thinking of what's in store for 2014!
Coolest Countdown
New Year's is all about the anticipation, so kick it up and make it even more exciting with this way to spend the final hours of the year. It’ll be midnight before you know it!
What You’ll Need:
Small boxes
Pieces of paper, cut up into small squares
Candy, like Reese’s or M & M’s
One marker for each guest
Plain notebooks, one for each gal (don't give 'em out 'til the end to keep it a surprise!)
What You'll Do:
Four hours to go: Start the soiree off sweetly by having each girl reach into a box for a mystery treat. Have some candy and hang with your girls getting set up and maybe having some traditional NYE munchies like hot cocoa, pigs in a blanket, cheese 'n' crackers or sparkling cider.
Three hours to go: From the movie collection that you've gathered, have each girl pick her fave and write it on an anonymous piece of paper. Mix 'em up in a box, and have one girl pick a piece of paper out. Whichever movie is on that paper, is the one you'll watch first.
Two hours to go: Tell everyone to write down their fave song of the year. Put them in a box, and mix them up. Continue watching the movie.
One hour to go: Have each girl randomly pick a song from the box. Whatever song they pick, turn it on and make that pal perform an impromptu dance to it. Get ready to LOL (and get your cam ready!).
Half hour to go: Write down a silly secret or embarrassing moment that happened to you in '13. Then take turns reading 'em out loud. 
Fifteen minutes to go: Write down a fave memory for the past year. Mix them up in the box and have each girl pick one. Go around and read them aloud, guessing who wrote down what fave memory.
MIDNIGHT! Break out the noisemakers and watch the ball drop. Celebrate away!
Make a MIDNIGHT box with resolutions that you think you can keep this year.
After midnight have each chica make a memory scrapbook using all the scrap paper (like fave song, movie, embarrassing moment) and add the funny pics and quotes you put up on the wall. Let the last page of the scrapbook be your resolution for the new year. It's both a memory book and something to look forward to in 2015!


by Liz Lebedda | 2/1/2016