7 ways to enjoy Easter no matter what your beliefs

We’re not gonna lie, there are few services lovelier than an Easter service held at dawn in a stained glass-filled church. But if you’re not doing the church thing this year, or aren’t terribly religious to begin with, there are lots of little ways to enjoy the holiday solo and with family and friends. Here are just a few of our favorite ideas.


Throw a sleepover the night before and set an alarm to wake you up just before dawn. Take some sweet eats outside as you bundle up in blankets and take in the perfection of a spring sunrise.


Plan the ultimate Easter egg hunt. Assign each family member or friend a different colored plastic egg and place each person’s favorite candy inside them. The first person to find all the eggs of their designated color gets a chocolate bunny.


Get dressed up in your finest spring frocks, gather up your ladies and go promenading around your neighborhood. Grab a camera and take goofy candid shots of each other all afternoon.


Volunteer to wear the big bunny suit and visit a children’s hospital or shelter to give out Easter baskets and take picture with the kids. Trust us, it’ll be the most fun you’ll have wearing bunny ears.


Make Easter baskets for your parents. Remember when they would load one up with treats for you and your siblings? Return the favor with cute little baskets piled high with some of their favorite things.


Plant a wildflower garden. Pick up a variety of small flowering plants and seeds the day before, then get ready to sow your own patch of nature’s bounty. This is a great way to celebrate the rebirth that Easter is all about.


Play with chocolate. Head to a good grocery store and snag a couple bags of chocolate chunks or chips in a variety of cocoa percentages. Raid mom’s pantry and grab extracts, peanut butter, caramel, sprinkles and anything else you could possibly want to combine with chocolate. With the help of a few silicone candy molds (or a muffin tray), you have everything you need to make your own confections!


What are your Easter plans? Tell us in the comments!



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BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 4/6/2014 12:00:00 AM