Ed. Obsession: The ultimate frizz-fighting headwraps for under $20

Curly girls can agree: Your strands aren’t safe from frizz in any season. At least mine aren’t. Just one ounce of humidity in the air and—pouf!—my hair is just that: a giant puffball. Winter snow? Semi frizz. Spring showers? Mega frizz. Summer and early fall humidity? Raging puffball of death frizz. No straightener or serum can tame my mane of madness. 

So, what’s a curly- or wavy-haired girl to do? Hold ‘em down with a thick headwrap. And when I say thick, I mean it covers most of your noggin. Nice try, rebel hairs. There’s no way you’re escaping with these headwraps… 




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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016
  • 1headwrap.jpg

    Easily the most versatile piece in your closet. Works with winter sweaters or summer swimsuits.

    Clear Cut Knotted Headwrap, $4,

  • 2headwrap.jpg

    Ready to bring on spring? Coral and stripes will take you there.

    Contrast Stripe Headwrap, $8,

  • 3headwrap.jpg

    Do your worst, spring showers. My locks will still look fab with this silky wrap.

    Jeweled Silky Headwrap, $18,

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