6 superfoods you need to be eating for flawless skin


Foods that taste good and help to clear up those pesky pimples? We couldn’t ask for anything better! Surprisingly, some of our fave foods work in mysterious ways and we aren’t complaining. These yummy foods give your skin that natural glow you've been craving without having to lean towards special creams and lotions. And hey, you never know when the paparazzi is gonna catch you! Check them out below. 

Who would pass up an excuse to pile on the chips and guac? Avocado is jam packed with vitamins, especially E and C, which help to maintain our skin’s youth even when we are way past our prime (it’s hard to believe, but one day it will happen and you will totally thank us). They are also filled with natural oils which help keep our skin hydrated and super soft to the touch. 

The perfect summertime snack that also doubles as an acne stopper. Berries are known to neutralize oil production, fight free radicals that cause damage and even have anti-inflammatory properties that’ll keep those zits from getting red. So don’t stop eating your fruit kabobs and morning smoothies because with all of the powerful antioxidants, pimples will be a thing of the past. 

You may have never heard of Selenium, because we didn’t either. Either way, its super important we introduce ourselves to this beauty loving mineral which fights off your worst facial enemies: white heads and black heads. Luckily for us, nuts are packed with the mineral that we now know and love.

This will not come as a surprise, but H2O is essential for not only our skin, but for our body as a whole. Do your body a favor by keeping it hydrated and opting for a glass of water to quench your thirst rather than a vanilla bean frappe from Starbucks or sugary sodas. Tip: When you are tired of water, try infusing it with an assortment of berries to give it an extra burst of flavor. Strawberries, kiwis, and lemons are our favorites.

Seafood is the best food when it comes to your skin. Salmon, specifically, is tasty and good for you. It’s the perfect feel-good meal loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which boosts your skin’s defense against UV damage. While sunscreen should be a part of your daily ritual, adding some salmon here and there can also ensure your skin’s health.

Green Tea
The rumors are true, ladies. Because green tea is enriched with an abundance of antioxidants, it’s a great option for you and your skin. With the summer heat, it might be wise to reach for green tea of the iced variety. In the winter, a warm cup of green tea will keep your body warm and your skin glowing.

Which one will you be trying out?

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by Rachel Dooley | 2/1/2016